Top 20 Cancer Prevention Recommendations

Top 20 Cancer Prevention Recommendations

According to a cancer research in the UK,

Unfortunately, Cancer Can Not be prevented in the same way we treat many other diseases using vaccines, and Cancer Prevention to all Types of malignant tumors might not be this easy.

But with some lifestyle changes, we may reduce the risk of getting sick according to a report at

Cancer expert Dr. KM Sunesara – General Practitioner, Mumbai. who claims that these 20 ways to change the lifestyle that can help reduce the risk of cancer. Adopt these simple changes or daily habits, in order to live a life free of cancer.


Cancer Prevention Recommendations

Here are 20 simple ways in which we should follow in our Cancer Prevention Lifestyle:


1- Ditch any old Scratched Cookware

cancer prevention recommendations
cancer prevention recommendations

Cancer Prevention way starts in your own kitchen,

as If you have any scratched utensils you often use for cooking,

you should replace them immediately, says Dr. Sunesara.

You need to get rid of rancid pans or pots,

you need to know that by cooking in them,

you are just increasing your risk of developing cancerous tumors tremendously.

cooking in old Teflon pots, allow the acid PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) to leak into your food.

This acid is linked to the growth and developing of cancer tumor cells.

You should choose the utensils that help to cook the food without affecting your health

Also, try to use good-quality stainless steel cookware,

and avoid using Teflon products as much as possible.



2- Say No To Smoking

cancer prevention recommendations
cancer prevention recommendations

Quitting Smoking Up to one cigarette a day lowers your chances of developing lung cancer,

as well ass bladder, kidney, throat and mouth cancer.

The most effective way towards Cancer Prevention is by removing smoking from your life.

Passive smoking is also as dangerous,

Second-hand smoke can cause approximately more than 60% of known carcinogenic cells.

Thus, reducing exposure to cigarettes smoke if you are not a smoker is an assured way for cancer prevention.


3- Safe Sun Exposure

cancer prevention recommendations
cancer prevention recommendations

Although the sun is one of the best sources of vitamin D,

it also increases the risk of skin cancer, if appropriate precautions prior to sun exposure are not taken.

As Dr. Sunsesara says avoid UV exposure, put suitable good-quality sunscreen creams when you go out of the house any time during the day, wear protective clothing when you go outdoors and avoid midday sunshine as much as possible.

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4- Maintaining a Healthy Body Proportions as a Way Of Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention Recommendations
Cancer Prevention Recommendations

Maintaining a healthy weight as obesity or being overweight,

can also increase the chances of developing different types of cancerous cells.

if you want to know an effective cure for cancer, lose weight if you are obese.

also minimize the risk of developing cancer by regularly measuring your weight, and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


5- Regular Checkups

cancer prevention recommendations
cancer prevention recommendations

Go check for a full thorough check-up at least once a year.

This procedure will help you diagnose whether there are any cancerous cells in your body.

Early detection is ten times better than detecting the disease when it becomes more vicious.

This is such an important point to regard when speaking about Cancer Prevention

before it spreads in the body in a way that we might not figure such a powerful cure for cancer.


6- Include More Healthy Nutrients In your Daily Meals

Change your diet by adding five servings of fruits and vegetables to your diet.

This change significantly helps in Cancer Prevention.

Include lots of fresh green leafy vegetables to your diet, like spinach

and replace your regular unhealthy junk snacks into a bowl of colorful fresh fruit either fresh or dried.


7- Regular Work-outs

Regular Physical activity of any type helps not only in Cancer Prevention,

but also benefits your overall health.

So, try to choose your favorite exercise even if it was a s simple as taking a short walk for at least 30 minutes.

8- Personal Hygiene

hand sensitization with Regular Soap,

because  some components of antibacterial commercially know soap (triclosan),

The over use of these products, filled with Triclosan,

can cause constant skin irritation and malfunction of body cells ,

that can eventually lead to cancer.

Dr. Sunsesara says  you can choose an ordinary soap or even just using water is fairly enough,

for maintaining and preserving your hygine


9- Too Much Alcoholic Drinks is a No No if you Want Cancer Prevention

Reducing alcohol consumption is a good way for Cancer Prevention,

as alcohol can increase the risk of infection which weakens your immune system,

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leading to the development of many types of cancer.


10- Knowing Your Medical History is the Way to Go

Knowing and tracking your family history, health and medical conditions,

because certain types of cancer such as colon, breast and ovarian cancer have inheritance factors that increase their probability.

If you have a family history of any type of cancer, you should talk to your doctor.

An examination every 6 months can help in Cancer Prevention as any early detection of any developing tumors will make it easier to manage and gives you better chances to find a cure for Cancer.


11- Just Chill Out

Take time to rest from daily stress,

Daily stress can harm your health in general if not controlled,

because it is a prominent mental factor,

which collapses the immune system and weakens it towards any cancer or other health-threatening conditions,

Thus stress in your life must be eliminated by whatever means you prefer,

whether meditation or by regularly practicing your favorite hobby.


12- Cautious Use of Technology Gadgets

Use technology wisely, and try to use your cell phone or any wireless gadgets much less,

because the frequencies emitted by them can damage brain cells,

making you more vulnerable to developing brain cancer in the long run.

Use the phone only for short calls or messages

We Always recommend using headphones for much longer phone calls.

13- Eating Less Red Meat

Eating meat in large quantities increases the chances of having certain types of cancer.

It is possible to replace red meat with fish or poultry,

or to eat meat in fewer portions

and it is better to choose lean meat if you aim for Cancer Prevention.


14- Thoroughly Washing Fruits and Vegetables

well, you’ll be shocked to know that the sparkling red apples brought from the market can get you sick,

not only that, it can even get you cancer in the long run.

So many fruits and vegetables are sprayed with insecticides to keep them from insects.

When you eat these foods rich in pesticides without washing them well,

you are highly exposing yourself to cancer,

as insecticides fall within the carcinogens,

so wash your food very well,

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and try to use some white vinegar to soak them in for a few minutes before washing again and eating.


15- Safe Is The New Sexy

The studies of the safe sexual intercourse,

have shown that it is possible to avoid the infection of the papillomavirus,

which is transmitted through sexual contact

papillomavirus affects the cervix causing cancer.

Safe Sex measures also prevent the infection of HIV,

which works to damage your immune system,

as a weak immune system to the development of cancer cells

16- Avoid Unjustified Radiation Testing

Although CT and X-rays are one of the best diagnostic tools available,

excessive use can put you at risk for cancer.

High radiation levels emitted by these diagnostic tools can lead to leukemia,

thus avoiding unnecessary scans or searching for alternatives if possible can lead you to one of the most effective ways to cancer prevention.


17- Change The way You Cook Your Food

Studies say that cancer-causing compounds are caused by roasting or frying any food.

Carcinogenic compounds are formed by droplets of fluid from the meat and the fat itself,

leading to the contamination of pieces of meat from coal gas and smoke rising.

Several studies have been published linking the high consumption of meat cooked at high temperatures with the occurrence of many types of cancer such as pancreatic cancer, Rectum, stomach, prostate and uterine wall,

So the best way for Cancer Prevention to cook food is to steam it.


18- Do not Ignore the Pain

if you feel any type of pain do not ignore it,

Yet, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible and complete examination,

especially if it’s a recurrent pain for more Cancer Prevention.

19- Only Drink Clean Water

Regular Tap Water might not always be clean,

so try to use a filter to ensure that your drinking water is safe to use,

contaminated water can be the main cause of cancer.

20- Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking lots of water and other fluids may reduce the risk of bladder cancer,

by focusing cancer-causing factors in the urine and help expel these pathogens through the bladder faster.

Thus, a sufficient amount of water must be obtained throughout the day.

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