7 Easiest Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair

THE WHO’S WHO IN Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair


Shampoo – The Gentle Cleanser

The word “shampoo” is borrowed from the Hindi word meaning “to massage.” The first shampoo existed in 1904 in powder form. A mild, pH-balanced shampoo is the number one hair care product. Through washing, shampoo removes excess natural oils, sweat, dead skin cells, and residual styling or hair care products. The most important ingredient is a combination of surfactants that form a fine, porous foam and clean hair thoroughly without stripping it. A shampoo with a pH value of 5 to 6 is ideal for the hair and scalp. Good shampoos also contain moisturizing ingredients, such as panthenol and proteins, to help regenerate the hair’s structure and preserve its elasticity. A wide range of shampoos is made to satisfy all hair care habits, hair types and scalp problems.

Up to now, the shampooing of children’s hair has been a problem, due to burning eyes and pulled hair. Shampoos specially developed for children feature ultra mild formulas to avoid tears. These shampoos also contain fragrances that appeal to children.

Men’s hair is generally not as damaged as women’s hair and thus requires fewer nourishing ingredients. Men also prefer different fragrance notes. Therefore, shampoos are offered which have been specially created for men.


Conditioner – For Afterwards

A conditioner (or rinse) belongs to the basic hair care regime. One can see and feel just how indispensable a conditioner is after every shampooing; wet hair is very unmanageable. This is no wonder, because water and rubbing while shampooing has roughened the cuticle layer of each strand of hair. They get caught in one another and become damaged through laborious combing.

This is exactly what a conditioner prevents. It stays in the hair only for a short time after washing and supplies the outer cuticle layer with proteins and active ingredients, which immediately smooth it out. Conditioners can be used after each shampooing and make hair silky smooth and easier to comb. A conditioning foam serves the same purpose as a regular conditioner, but it remains in the hair. This fine, porous foam is easy to distribute and strengthens the damaged structure of the hair. After drying, hair is elastic, antistatic and easy to comb.
Conditioner also proves its worth as an invisible hair protector. It coats a thin film around each hair that lasts at least until the next washing and protects against external influences such as the heat from blow drying.


Instant Repair & Express Products

Instant repair products remain in hair after shampooing and function like a light treatment. They come in various application forms with varying goals. An immediate volume balsam, for example, is a cream for any hair type, which contains keratin-building substances and panthenol. It gives the hair immediate stability and volume in combination with other active ingredients. Hair has noticeably more hold and is protected from the heat of blow drying. An instant repair treatment is a light cream that contains fiber restructuring components for the hair. It regenerates, for example, chemically treated, damaged or dry hair on the surface protects the cuticle layer and provides silkiness and elasticity. Express or two-phase treatments and conditioners are often liquid and can be sprayed onto hair. They also provide an immediate effect without unnecessarily weighing hair down.

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Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair

Intensive Hair Treatments

Hair treatments provide intensive care and are a true benefit to medium to heavily damaged hair. They combine regenerating substances in high concentrations, which flow with the help of an emulsion into the interior of the hair. They are massaged into the damp hair and transfer their fiber-binding material directly into the core of the hair. The cuticle layer is then smoothed out. Due to their intensity, these treatments have a sustained effect, which lasts through several washings.

When applying treatments, it is particularly important to achieve the optimal degree of care. The more damaged hair is, the more often treatments should be applied. Treatments should be left on the hair for about 15-20 minutes. Their effect is intensified by heat when covered with, for example, a terry cloth towel or a plastic cap. Treatments differ in their ingredients, application and above all in their level of intensity. Certain products solve specific hair problems such as split ends, heavily damaged hair or scalp problems.

Recently, new treatment products have been developed for quick intensive care—so-called “3-minute hair masks”—which regenerate even extremely stressed hair in a very short time. They contain particularly intensive, fast acting ingredients for hair that is damaged and prone to split ends. Activating ingredients penetrate deep into each hair and regenerate it within only three minutes. Special intensive replenishing capsules restructure the hair’s surface.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair

Restructuring Care

Restructuring care is the most intensive treatment product and provides a lasting effect. While other treatments improve the structure, a restructuring treatment can actually repair the hair. They contain specific combinations of active ingredients with panthenol or hydrolyzed proteins that give brittle, highly porous hair a new vitality. Special ingredients penetrate the hair and close in the gaps within the damaged hair structure. The hair is noticeably regenerated and protected from harmful environmental effects. Treatments should stay on the hair for about 20 minutes before being rinsed out. Heat intensifies the treatment effect, so a towel should be wrapped around the hair during this time.

An ultra-modern, highly innovative development are the “warm repair” treatments. They take advantage of the increased effectiveness created by heat, by containing ingredients that are activated during blow drying and directly improve the condition of the hair. This heat supports the development of the full moisturizing or repairing effect, and the hair is restructured from the inside out. Through this, hair becomes noticeably smoother, shinier and more supple. Protection of the hair from friction (e.g. through brushing or styling) is also increased.

Particularly effective for severely damaged hair are the multiple day treatments. Over the course of several consecutive days, the hair receives restructuring treatment products which provide optimal protection and lasting care and serve as a kind of spa treatment for the hair.


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The Specialists

Quick help with special problems: Sometimes an extra product is required in addition to one’s normal hair care regimen. Examples include hair-end fluids, which help to mend and seal split ends, or hair liquids, which strengthen hair by adding liquid “building blocks.”
Hair tonics are also ideal for providing extra care to hair and scalp. They regenerate hair, from roots to the ends, and facilitate better circulation within the scalp. Hair tonics are massaged softly into dry or towel dried hair for one minute and not rinsed out so that the nutrient-rich ingredients can take effect upon hair and roots.Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair

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