50+ Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

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Some of the sweetest things you can say are probably too much of a “guy thing” to appreciate. Things like:

1. Work on your car all day dear, then feel free to go play poker with your friends for as long as you need.

2. You just don’t have to help me around the house! I’m good.

3. I love it when all your friends come over.

4. Please leave the toilet seat up. And thank you.

5. Don’t worry, I’ll cook every single night.

6. Sure, go ahead and fix the car’s motor on the dining room table.

Tell Him He Can Wear this to the Wedding!

Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Let’s Keep Going:

7: You’ll Complete Me when you complete painting the family room

8: When you don’t talk to me, I know you love me

9: Go ahead relax, “I Got This”

10: Socks and Sandals work for me. Yah, that’s right, go out in public wearing them.

11: Don’t worry, I’m yours forever no matter what you do <—that might scare him.

12: You “Complete” too many people…if yah know what I’m saying

13: Don’t move over, I want to squish you

14: My mom loves you, my dad loves, I no longer have a choice in the matter

15: Forget the expensive restaurant for dinner, just take me to that drive-thru over there

16: Yes I really do like it when you sleep all day

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17: Do not get up, do not hold the door open for me, I can carry everything all by myself

Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Some Sweet Things Can be Nice
Boyfriend Nice Time – It’s Needed

1. I love you five days a week, the other two I lust you.

2. I’m so in love with you, breathing hurts.

3. When I’m without you, I’m never without you.

4. You’re easy to love.

5. You make me laugh.

6. In this world, you make me who I am

7. Life makes sense when I see you at the end of the day

8. As I love you, I learn more about life

9. My love, you fill me with sunshine smiles and rainbow colors

10. When I’m with you, the whole world stops, and I finally breathe

11. Life means more to me with you here

12. If I could hold on to you from morning til night, that still wouldn’t be enough time

13. You’re the only man I see

14. In good times and in bad, you are my answer

15. Never forget, always remember, you can count on me

16. I See You. You See Me. Love is not Blind.

Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Sarcastically Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

1. I love You so Much, My Mother Cried.

2. Here’s the Remote. Want the Batteries?

3. I Put a Naked Photo of Me on your Desktop, It’s my best one. I was three.

4. You Can See Other Women – Here put this bag over your head.

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5. You’re Sexier than any Other Man Alive – Sometimes I’m Honest.

6. You are my Knight in shining boxer shorts

7. If you want to be my valentine, do my housework for a day

8. Cute’s a breeze.

9. You hold my heart in your hand, don’t clap.

10. You completed me.

11. Love works. I wish you did.

12. I Love smart men..and I love you too.

13. You could be smarter than the Super Committee.

Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Sweet Things Said for Him – Pure Paradise

1. Let Me Show You What Beautiful Is.

2. I Want You to Ride with Me, Even on the Bumpy Roads.

3. If You Run for President, I Won’t Laugh.

4. Paradise is Where You Are.

5. You’re the Man I want to Weather the Storms with.

Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Sweet Beach Things to Say
Get “Mushie” on the Beach

1. I Love You in Sand, on Land, and in Water.

2. When I walk on this beach with you, I’m free.

3. Don’t ever doubt my love, it’s deeper than this ocean.

4. There isn’t anything better than just being here with you.

5. Holding you here, my heart beats like the waves.

Add Your “Sweet” Things You Say to Your Boyfriend
Funny or Serious, doesn’t matter!

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