Step Parent Rights YES

Step Parent Rights YES

Why is step parenting so common?

With the increased number of divorces that are taking place all over the world having a combined family these days is very common. You find that step parenting is on the rise and introducing the concept of having a new parent to a child can be very difficult. One thing that most children are fixated upon is the notion that a stepparent is evil.

For a child having to have a new parent can be hard to accept as many feel that having the new parents means that the real parent is being replaced. There can often be a power struggle between the stepparent and the child for the attention of either the mother or a father.



Stepparents vs stepchildren

More often than not it will be the stepparent that will do all of the understanding and making all of the adjustments when it comes to dealing with a stepchild. The child will often view the stepparent as the person that caused the divorce of their parents.

In other cases, children look at the stepparent as someone that they have to compete with for the love and the attention of the remaining biological parent. All the problems and worries of the child are generally attributed to the stepparent as they have no blood relation.



The position of a stepparent

To be able to be kind in this type of situation involves a great deal of patience and a lot of understanding to maintain not only piece in the marriage but peace with the child. The couple can end up having a lot of misunderstandings dealing with issues on how to raise and discipline the children involved in the family.

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As a stepparent, you may often be blamed for taking sides or be caught in the middle of step-sibling fights.


It can be a lot to deal with to be a stepparent but with love and understanding, it is very possible to create a good relationship with your stepchildren.


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