Old Time Cold Medicine.The 5 Yuckiest Ways Ever!

Old Time Cold Medicine

before we start our topic about How To Cure Common Cold, We would Recommend anyone who has a weak stomach to stay away of reading this or just read it in the Toilet to be fully prepared if you choose to throw up at any point

1. Spiders!!

Arachnophobic , you’ll not even need to read about this cause it’ll give you chills!

in the dark ages of the United Kingdom,

the so called doctors back then were not of that much of scientific knowledge,

If any patient wanted to know a way of how to cure common cold ,

they would simply ask them to collect as many spider webs as they could,

and then squeeze them in a tablet form and just make them swallow it.


Just be Careful, if you tried to use this way that the web doesn’t have anymore insects clinched to it!

They even sometimes asked Malaria’s patients to eat the alive spider itself to cure them from such a deadly disease.

Old Time Cold Medicine

2- Ear Wax!!

well unfortunately, you have heard it right,

yes we’re talking about applying your own beloved ear wax (ewwwww) to any kind of sores caused by that nasty cold.


American Indians or Native North American were accustomed of using earwax,

either their own or of others if they had  just cleaned their ears, to heal their cold sores.


they could even put it on their mouth sores, just as simple as that!!

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Old Time Cold Medicine

3- Greasy Feet!!

This is also another cure for cold used by American Indians,

they used some ointment made of some aromatic essential oils that is similar to the now well-known Vicks VapoRub,

and then warm up their feet by wearing heavy woolen socks.


Not Mentioning the the Vicks company never approved that method.


Old Time Cold Medicine

4- Onion Rings!

Well, Not the fried ones of course!

But still onion slices anyway!!

people who lived in North America Before the last 100-200 Years or so,

used to put slices of freshly cut onions into their kids’ socks,

and leaving it overnight,

as they believed that the onion has the ability to absorb the heat from their bodies.


5- Electric Eels!

we saved the best cold cure for last of course.

In the great Ancient civilizations of the Greek,

they sometimes used very strange ways for treating many disease,

this one could be the strangest of them all!

as they used Electric Eels to electrify the patients in their heads,

as they believed that the eel’s shock will be enough to make them forget their minor headache,

Sure It Was!!!


Please Let Us know if you have heard of any of these weird Old Time Cold Medicine,

or even if you have more weirder!!


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