Nice Japanese Name For Babies BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS

Nice Japanese Name For Babies

Having a son or daughter is a dream for anyone who is married. Various preparations have even been ready long before the baby was born into the world. Preparation is usually ranging from baby gear to prepare for a baby name. A prepared baby name usually consists of two options, a baby boy, and baby girl.

Baby name selection is totally dependent on his parents’ tastes. The inspiration for delivering a baby name can come from anywhere. Background of trust normally has on naming the baby. If you want more unique your child’s name, using the names of various countries, one of them Japanese. Japan’s unique name will surely look different when used in US.

The unique thing would be easy to remember and hard to forget. Likewise, going by the name. Indonesia Society believes that giving the same name as the provision of prayer. Giving a name to be done seriously and would be great if accompanied by meaning.

Japanese name sounds a bit like the names of cartoon characters. It is not at all surprising, considering Japan is the largest producing country in the world of anime films. The cute and adorable impression will be attached to the Japanese names.


Japanese name for Baby Boys

1. Akihiko

This name was given specifically to a baby boy. The meaning of this name is a bright cheerful prince. Another meaning is a man who has a pleasant personality.

2. Akihiro

The meaning of the name for a baby boy this is a great glory. Son of a baby boy with this name are expected to have great glory like the meaning of the name.

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3. Akio

The meaning of the name for a baby boy this is a noble hero or a nobleman.

4. Hiroshi

It represents a man with a generous nature, has a high tolerance toward others, and live prosperous affluent.

5. Kazuki

It means having the hope of a harmonious, and glowing.


Japanese Baby Names for Girls

1. Aimi

This name has a meaning of a love of beauty. The meaning of this name is really very women who do have the instinct of beauty.

2. Asami

The meaning is beauty in the morning. Morning is always present remarkable beauty. Dew is still on the leaves, and fresh air is represented by this name.

3. Chiharu

It means a thousand springs. This name may also have a soothing. Springs or water sources are the source of life for humans.

4. Harumi

Means it is beauty in the spring. Spring does offer exceptional beauty as well. When the flowers begin to grow, as it also seemed a new day begins.

5. Hiromi

Meaning of this name is very unusual. Its meaning is a remarkable beauty, beauty, prosperity, and generous nature.


Japanese unisex names

1. Hikaru

This name can be used for baby boys and girls. It means light.

2. Makoto

The meaning of this name is sincere. Children with this name in order to become a person who prayed sincerely, sincerely help people.

3. Yuki

Japanese society believes, prefix the name of Yuki in front of their children have a good meaning. Yuki is the meaning of happiness, good fortune, and snow.

4. Minori

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The meaning of this name is the truth. This name can be given to the baby with the gender of men and women.

5. Sora

The meaning of this name is sky. Children with this name prayed to have knowledge of an area of


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