Simplest 6 Daily Men Face Care Tips

men face care tips

To the men out there: Now be honest, have you ever secretly sneaked a bit of face cream from your loved one? It’s not a bad start, but there is a reason why skin products are formulated differently for men versus women. There are, in fact, differences between the skin of the sexes: A man’s skin, for example, is thicker than a woman’s. It also contains more collagen, so it ages later.

Now that the media has run with the idea of the “metrosexual” man, men should know about more than just aftershave. Today words like “peeling” or “pedicures” should no longer be foreign to the modern man. And that’s a good thing – after all, we women love tough men with soft skin!

Still not quite on the beauty bandwagon? Not to worry! In this brief article, we’ll show you a few tricks for good grooming – and impressing your loved one!


Men Face Care Tips



Whether wet or dry – shaving is for most men a daily ritual. In order to avoid tiny red bumps or cuts, try following these tips: The advantage of a dry shave is that it’s quick and easy and particularly good for skin with acne. In any case, make sure to use a pre-shave product that prepares your skin for shaving. On the other hand, wet shaving is the gentler, more thorough alternative…

The Wet Shave

For a wet shave, massage in shaving cream or mousse and wait a few minutes for it to take effect so that facial hair stands up and can be cut more easily. This should be done before showering; otherwise, the skin will swell too much. Pull skin taut against the shaving direction to prevent cuts. Because skin can become irritated or reddened from shaving, it is a good idea to follow up with an aftershave.



Regular cleansing is essential to having healthy, well-groomed skin. It removes dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria from the skin. It is not enough to simply rinse your skin with water! Instead, use a cleansing gel that is specially formulated for men’s skin.

Rub a dollop of cleansing gel between hands and apply to your moistened face. Then massage the emulsion into your face and hands. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. This deeply cleanses the skin from dirt and bacteria down to the pores. Look for ingredients like lemongrass and Pro-vitamin B5, which prevent skin inflammation.



So you think facial toner is only for women? Think again! It is also very important for men’s skin. A toner serves multiple purposes: On the one hand, it removes the residue from water, thus purifying and refreshing. And on the other hand, it restores the natural pH balance of the skin. After cleansing the skin in the morning and evening, place a few drops of toner onto a cotton pad and then move gently over the skin. This removes traces of dirt, bacteria and excess sebum. Pimples and other skin impurities will be also noticeably reduced.


Moisturizing Cream

Men’s skin requires moisture. Men’s skin is more robust: It is ca. 20 percent thicker as women’s skin, and it contains more sweat glands and a stable acid mantle. Therefore, men’s skin generally requires a skin cream that is less rich than for women. Thus, facial creams for men provide moisture to rejuvenate tired skin, give it more elasticity and protection. In the morning and evening rub a small amount of cream between the fingertips and massage evenly onto the face and neck.


No one likes to have impure skin. This can be prevented in various ways, such as by washing your face regularly. Foods such as chips or sweets can also often cause pimples. If pimples have already developed, try applying an anti-pimple stick (e.g from AOK). These products have a high concentration of antibacterial ingredients to “erase” pimple-causing bacteria and eliminate pimples quickly and effectively. The formation of new pimples is also prevented. Simply apply as needed several times daily to clean skin, avoiding the sensitive eye area.
Men Face Care Tips



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