12 Important Life Lessons I Learned from My Bad Experience

12 important life lessons Learned from My Bad Experience

As the title says, my bad experience. Yes, I say that because my life was totally messed. I don’t even know where I was going and where I should go. I was not aware of the aim of my life.

However, now, I think that the bad time of life taught me many memorable skills for a lifetime.

I am sure that God has chosen that lessons to teach me, what is essential to living a human’s life. Moreover, he has chosen a bad time for me, because he knows how stubborn I was.

So, if something is bothering your life. Then learn those lessons, before something more miserable distract you from your happiness. Because, as I know, God loves every one of us, but when he teaches, he gives the result first to teach a lesson.


12 important life lessons Learned from My Bad Experience

1. Never Give-Up Your Faith

That was my first mistake, After reading a horrible news every day in the daily newspaper and the circumstances of the personal atmosphere, my mind has lost faith in God. I started to believe that there is no God on this planet; the Planet Earth is running because of some Selfish Riches and Corrupted Politicians. That was the first and worst mistake.

2. Do Not Trust Others Until You Know Them

This is my second mistake after losing a faith. I start to believe others were right, I am all wrong, I have been born wrong. My life was wrong, everything is wrong, and everyone is this Planet is right except me. I learned later that, before believing others you should believe yourself. God has created everything perfect and in a perfect place. The problem is we humans use all the things in the wrong way.

3. Never Fall In Love

Pardon my words, but never fall in Love, until you start Loving yourself. If you can’t Love yourself, nobody else will Love you. That is what I learned.


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4. Never Trust Anyone

Until You Know Them Clearly

Some people are good and some are bad. Those good people are like diamonds of your life, and, the bad people (who pretend to be good) will ruin you for their own crazy sake. Beware of them; catch them before they catch you in their trap.

5. Trust Yourself

Don’t care what others are saying, If your work is best and not against the humanity, then you are Right. Trust yourself before you trust the God.

6. Stay Away From Toxic People

There is one more category of the human except good and bad people. These people are good, but they are somewhat intoxicated with their own negative thoughts. These people created a poisonous environment around them, so whoever comes in it, get intoxicate automatically. Stay away from them. These people do not even bother to take an action towards their problems, and when others take an action, they stop them because of their own fear. This is my personal experience with multiple crazy-making bosses.

7. Love Yourself

This is one more way to trust yourself. Love yourself, accept yourself, and be proud whoever you are. You are the spirit of god, as the same as others are. Self-acceptance is the most powerful psychic ability, which can build anything you want in your life.

8. Listen To Your Heart

Most problems come in our life because we humans are addicted to listening to our mind, and that cause all the problems in our personal and professional life. The mind learns the entire thing from the environment, but the heart is the real spirit of God, and God knows everything. God doesn’t have to learn anything because he created it. So, whenever problems arrived in your life, listen to your heart, rather than the mind.

9. Make Your Own Decisions

My biggest mistake in life is that I always listen to others. My thought was that others are experienced and talented. They know better than I do. Moreover, that thought caused me troubles all the time. After destructing for 15 years, I realized that I should make my own decision on everything related to me.

When others take a decision for you, they mix-up their experience, fear, consequences, emotions, doubts, and sometimes their own profit and sake – to take decision for you, which only create a mess in your life. So, if you really want to make your life better, learn to take your own decision.

10. Never Trust People

Who Do Not Trust Themselves

If the person cannot trust himself, how could you trust him? This is the easiest concept I learned.

11. Never Procrastinate

This was my biggest mistake; I love to spend a time when there is no workaround. Nevertheless, sometimes I spend a time when there was lots of work around me. Anyways, I have improved this habit, but this habit has created many negative consequences in my life.

12. Nothing Is Constant In This World

Life Is An Ongoing Process

If the problem is arising, that doesn’t mean that everything is over. Life is the ongoing process. Instant Miracle only happens in the movie, but in the real world, Nature creates a mess first and then re-arrange all of the things to show the Miracle. All things happen according to time – either good or bad. If something bad is happening, it is because any good things are in the process. Did you remember the pregnant women who feel lots of pain to born a sweet little baby?

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