How To Make Eyelashes Longer Fast

How To Make Eyelashes Longer Fast

How many of us are born with naturally long, enviable eyelashes? Not all too many of us. Let’s face it; most of us want long eyelashes, but many of us are not willing to or are just plain tired of, using fake eyelashes to achieve that “glamorous” look. Isn’t there any way you can give those eyelashes a bit of a boost?



How To Make Eyelashes Longer Fast

Eyelash Growth Serums

Yes, there are actually eyelash growth serums out on the market now for you to buy. But there is a catch: a lot of these serums are absolute garbage. Companies know that there are a whole lot of us women out there who will try almost any product to get longer eyelashes, so they create some garbage product that they “promise” will give our eyelashes a boost. But several of them never do.

Before you buy any eyelash growth serums, whether they are in the store or over the internet, do your research. Read reviews and find out which serums are the “real deal”, and which ones should be trashed. Unfortunately, a lot of the easily affordable products will do your eyelashes no good, and the more expensive ones are the ones that will actually make a difference. But it is always worth it to go for a product that costs a bit more and will do the job than waste $10-$20 on a product that won’t be doing you any good at all.


Olive Oil

One of the best home remedies for short eyelashes is olive oil. Olive oil naturally hydrates our skin too so you will also notice that your eye area will be looking younger and more rejuvenated. To use olive oil, all you need to do is apply a bit of olive oil to your eyelids every night, taking care to massage it into your eyelash area as well. In the morning, simply wash your face with a mild facial cleanser and lukewarm water, and you’re set.


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Petroleum Jelly

Who doesn’t have some petroleum jelly lying around at home? To use petroleum jelly, start off by ensuring that your eye area is clean and that it is dry. Take a small amount of the jelly and apply it to your thumb and pointer finger. Rub the two fingers together so as to thin out the jelly so it won’t create a giant “blob” on your eyelashes.

Now close one eye and apply the jelly with your fingers, moving from the root of your eyelash to the very tip. Take care to not pull or yank on your eyelashes, as this may cause for them to fall out or become damaged. Repeat the process on your other eye, and then enjoy a restful sleep. In the morning, make sure that you do wash off the petroleum jelly prior to applying any type of eye makeup. You will quickly find out if you left any residue once you apply your mascara.

This will not only help grow your eyelashes out, but you will also notice a significant change in the quality of your eyelashes as well.

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