How To Help Someone With A Nervous Breakdown ?

How To Help Someone With A Nervous Breakdown

Nervous Breakdown Symptoms- Help the People Around You

Do you consider being really helpful and kind person? If the answer is yes, then you must be familiar with the common nervous breakdown symptoms to make sure that you will be able to help, if someone experiences a nervous breakdown next to you. There are some things that you can do to make sure that he or she will be better. Also, calling the authorities is really useful because these people are dangerous because their conscious mind is not operating any longer.

The first symptom that is really common for the nervous breakdown is the yelling. People could yell at anyone, including objects without soul like trees, subway stations, traffic lights and etc. Do not consider the people that yell at these kinds of objects to be crazy. Pay close to their clothing style, pay attention to their watch and etc. If you find a disparity between how people look and how they act, you can be sure that they are having one of the many nervous breakdown symptoms.

Do not walk away from these people but you can rather try to talk to them. They will not harm you except you challenge them somehow. That’s why it is a good idea to let them talk. It medically is proven that talking and yelling is the best way to reduce the symptoms because the subconscious lets all the emotions that it has been hiding. After that subconscious loses the control of your body and your conscious mind takes over. It is important for anyone to recognize the Nervous Breakdown Symptoms If they are not willing to help they could choose to run away because sometimes they might get hurt because of the wild emotions in the subconscious of the person. That way you could be able to hide and avoid the person with a nervous breakdown.


How To Help Someone With A Nervous Breakdown ?

Nervous Breakdown Symptoms- Recognize Them

Knowing the nervous breakdown symptoms is essential to make sure that you will be able to help the people around you suffering from nervous breakdown. You will be surprised to know that many people suffer from a nervous breakdown but only a few of them express that in some way. Most people are able to keep these feelings inside them. Some people failed to do that and because of that, they need professional help. The only one way to give them professional help is to recognize the symptoms and direct them to the nearest mental care facility.

The stress in our life is great. People can not fight it all the time. Sometimes the stress is so great that we unleash it upon our beloved people. Yelling at our kids, wives, husbands, and friends will not solve the problems that you have. Stress is something that you should fight every day to make sure that you will not suffer from a nervous breakdown. However, no matter what you, stress will beat you. This is the time you crack and the nervous breakdown symptoms will pounce on you. They are going to show really fast and you must count on your friends’ help to get better.

Yelling and disorientation are the first two symptoms that are very specific for the nervous breakdown crisis. People are confused about their location; have difficulties recognizing themselves in the mirror. They yell at anyone no matter they know it or not. This is the time when the conscious mind loses the control over the body and subconscious starts controlling everything. The subconscious mind is connected with all the emotion in our body. That’s why when it takes over we become really emotional. However, the bad emotions will prevail because they are the reason for the nervous breakdown at first place. Nervous Breakdown Symptoms are not all the time very specific at first but they must be recognized.

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How To Help Someone With A Nervous Breakdown ?

What are the common Nervous Breakdown Symptoms?

In our fast life, sometimes the stress is too much for us to take. If you can handle it somehow, it is good. Playing basketball, football and etc is a good way to beat the stress. However, from time to time, our mind can not take any more pressure. This is the time we crack. There are some common Nervous Breakdown Symptoms, which you should know. This is useful information, especially when you someone around with one or two of the symptoms. That way you will be able to help him or her immediately.

One of the really common Nervous Breakdown Symptoms is sweating. Sweating along with turning the face pale are the first two symptoms. They always come together because they are reactions of the vegetative systems. This is just the start. This process is reversible and if the proper measures are taken, everything will be okay. The person will be able to return back to normal life in no time.

Another very common symptom is yelling. It is often found to be the most important symptom because in most cases yelling turns in aggression. This aggression may harm the person with the Nervous Breakdown Symptoms People could yell at their boss, wife, kids, friends and etc. The yelling is often connected with unexpressed emotions. The emotions are too many and hard to be expressed because they are a combination of positive and negative emotions. The process of yelling is associated with negative emotions in most cases. There are some records of people yelling because of positive emotions but no one pays attention to them.

Sedatives are the ultimate decision to handle these symptoms. People with nervous breakdown are out of control and they will harm the people around them. Having them in sedated will make sure that they will calm and after some time they will recover from the breakdown.

How To Help Someone With A Nervous Breakdown ?

Nervous Breakdown Symptoms- Common Lies

There are some really common lies connected with the nervous breakdown symptoms. This is because that many people consider themselves to be half-doctors. Their lack of skills and experience leads to big problems for the people who really suffer from a nervous breakdown.

There are some minor cases of nervous breakdown where the people do not pay enough attention to themselves and they consider that this will pass really soon. This is a mental condition that needs treatment. Because of the many charlatans, some really common lies are present.

First really common lie is that drinking too much caffeine will get you a nervous breakdown and will make the Nervous Breakdown Symptoms to be greater. This is absolutely not true. The reason for nervous breakdown is that people suffered from too much stress. It is not unlocked because of the caffeine. The subconscious mind is the one thing that controls our emotions. That way when we suffer from a nervous breakdown, our subconscious mind takes over. It has nothing to do with drinking too much caffeine.

Sex is the answer to the stress and because of that, you can cure your nervous breakdown. Also, many charlatans consider that sex is the answer to remove the nervous breakdown symptoms. As mentioned before the emotions are stored in our subconscious. The nervous breakdown is a situation when our mind starts expression all the suppressed emotions over the years. Because the good emotions are expressed, only the bad emotions are stored in the subconscious mind. That’s why people start yelling, throwing objects and act aggressively. They do not want to do it but because they conscious mind is “on vacation” they can not do anything to control themselves. They act strangely and they actions resemble the actions of a crazy person. However, the clear distinction has to be made between the two conditions.

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Why nervous breakdown symptoms need to be taken seriously

With an increase in the chaotic and uncertain lifestyle displayed in today’s modern world, more and more people are susceptible to nervous breakdown.

Nervous breakdown symptoms experienced by individuals can differ from person to person and are usually distinguished as some kind of mental disorder.

Why is it necessary to treat an anxiety disorder promptly?

Usually, people experience this mental disorder when they harbor some kind of fear or anxiety of facing some situation which disturbs them terribly. It could be the nervousness of facing or interacting with other people, going in an elevator, driving a car, etc.

A lot of factors contribute to triggering the mental breakdown in a person. It could be right from the extreme stress faced by the individual to their disturbing past history. Whatever might be the cause of it, this disorder drastically affects and disturbs your normal lifestyle.

Here are a few symptoms experienced by you when you suffer from apprehension disorder:

  • Excessive stress and fatigue
  • Gastric disorders like constant motions, ulcers, cramps, etc.
  • Trembling of the body especially hands
  • Excessive sweating
  • Feeling embarrassed
  • Nausea and queasiness
  • Antagonistic behavior
  • Display of outburst like rage, tears, etc.
  • Memory loss
  • Hallucinating regarding nonexisting things
  • High-level obsession with terror
  • The desire to hurt, destroy or harm others
  • Longing to commit suicide
  • Depression and loneliness
  • These are a few symptoms faced during a breakdown. The entire mannerism of the person changes
  • significantly. You might be facing an entirely different person, from what you have known in the past. This
  • the person may look and feel very lifeless as if he or she has lost total interest in their life.

Nervous breakdown symptoms need to be taken seriously so that you can move from a chaotic lifestyle to leading a normal life.

Nervous breakdown symptoms differ from individual to individual

The abnormal behavior of an individual, after facing an intense traumatic situation or event is considered as a nervous breakdown.

The degree of anxiety and stress differs from person to person. Nervous breakdown symptoms and its levels, also vary from person to person.

There are many symptoms connected to a nervous breakdown. Many people suffer from multiple symptoms. Some of the symptoms can be easily controlled, while the others need prompt medical attention.

Here are a few symptoms of a nervous breakdown:

  • Acute depression and anxiety
  • Heavy mood swings
  • Stomach disorders like constipation or diarrhea
  • Irritable bowel movements
  • Sleep disorders like insomnia or oversleeping
  • Breathlessness
  • Frequent headaches or migraine attacks
  • Forgetfulness and memory loss
  • Disruptive eating habits like overeating or picking on food
  • Display of extreme fatigue and restlessness
  • Lack of confidence

Indecisiveness and poor judgmental skills

  • Alienation from known people
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Murderous tendencies
  • Physical disabilities related to eyes or other organs
  • Inability to enjoy sex
  • Suffering from hallucinations and nightmares
  • Alcohol and drugs abuse
  • Ability to see, hear and  feel nonexisting events and people
  • Drowning in self-pity and tears
  • Display of unethical body movements in public
  • Show of uncontrollable rage

If you think that you are a victim of these symptoms then you need to seek professional assistance immediately.

Why it is necessary for you to fight a nervous breakdown?

The medical practitioner might prescribe some relevant drugs and ask you to undergo some sort of therapy to control these breakdown symptoms. Whatever traumatic event has made you face this breakdown, you need to put in your 100% to move out of this situation, else you might end up hurting yourself and others around you drastically.

Nervous breakdown symptoms are several and are not always easy to handle.


Sometimes It’s the Little Things…

…That brings us the most Joy

Pay attention to the little things. Keep your eyes and mind open to what’s around you and find wonder in the smallest of things. Let it become a habit by noticing something new every day. You must balance out all the little negative things with lots of little positive things. It can really help your state of mind and increase your creativity, too.

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How to Help Yourself

Here is a list of what has worked for me.

  • Know yourself: your limits, your particular stressors, what you can handle and can’t. Don’t fool yourself. (Sometimes, though, we learn the hard way, don’t we?)
  • Find a healthy outlet for stress. Exercise is a very good one. Get yourself out there in the world. See friends. Go for a walk. Even if you don’t want to. Force yourself.
  • Take time every day to create some calm in your life. Meditate. Try Yoga.
  • Be familiar with your childhood fears. When irrational fears come to your head, talk to them as an adult with a rational response. Write it down.
  • If you can keep a short diary every day, it will help you to see, on paper, what is causing you the most stress and how long it has been going on – shedding a little light of reality on the situation.
  • When you find that a certain situation is causing you constant, unrelenting stress, find a way to get out of the situation or to minimize it somehow.
  • If you need help, get it. It’s not worth holding out and thinking you can do it all by yourself. If the kind of help you are getting or the person who is helping you is not right for you, find someone else. Don’t give up. Don’t let money be an obstacle. Try local medical clinics, social service organizations, support groups, churches…..
  • If friends and family offer you help, take it. That is what we are here for – to help each other through this life.
  • It takes time to recover, but you WILL recover. You may need to sleep A LOT. Get yourself out in the world as much as you can. Be patient and gentle with yourself.
  • Consider helping other people. Studies show that this increases your own sense of well-being. Even if it is as simple as holding the door for someone and smiling, it’s a good start.


Take Care of Yourself

Just like this butterfly drawing nectar from the flower…

Some Self-Help Tips

I just ran across this great short article in Prevention Magazine and feel the ideas presented here for strengthening your willpower are very useful for keeping yourself mentally healthy and avoiding a breakdown. Even following just one of the 6 suggestions could make a difference. Why not start with one and once you have that well in place, add in the others step by step.

You Are Never Locked Down Without Options

There is always someone or something that can help you to make a change. You can find the key.

Well-Known People Who Have Had a “Nervous Breakdown”

  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Walt Disney
  • William James
  • Annie Lennox
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Sylvia Plath
  • David Selznick
  • Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  • Brian Wilson
  • Virginia Woolf



  • “One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important.”
    ~ Bertrand Russell


  • “It’s unthinkable not to love – you’d have a severe nervous breakdown.”
    ~ Lawrence Durrell


  • “A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings.”
    ~ Earl Wilson


  • “Failed in business at age 31. Defeated for the legislature at 32. Again failed in business at 34. Sweetheart died at 35. Had a nervous breakdown at 36. Defeated in election at 38. Defeated for Congress at 43. Defeated for Congress at 46. Defeated for Congress at 48. Defeated for Senate at 55. Defeated for Vice President at 56. Defeated for Senate at 58. Elected President at age 60. This man was Abraham Lincoln.”
    ~ Unknown

I hope this has been helpful to you. Please feel free to add your comments here.

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