How To Get Permanent Wavy Hair Using PERMS

How To Get Permanent Wavy Hair Using PERMS


Next to a beautiful hair color, flowing manes and curly locks can also attract the gazes of others. But not every woman is naturally given such a head of curls. There is no reason to worry, however, because nature can easily be given a little help. The magic word is…“permanent!”

First, a little theory

In order to permanently reshape or “wave” hair, one uses a cold wave solution and curlers. This cold wave solution works in two steps.

 how to get permanent wavy hair

In the first step, the chemical bonds in the hair are split using a reducing agent (i.e., waving lotion). Through this, the interior cohesion of the hair is weakened. Due to hair’s natural elasticity, it can then be shaped into any desired form.

how to get permanent wavy hair

In the second step, the separated bonds are reformed using an oxidizing agent. Here, the hair is set according to how it was shaped by the rods. The hair’s new shape then becomes permanent with the application of the oxidizing agent, or neutralizer. The hair’s original cohesion is restored, but now in a new form.

There is a wide range of perming products on the market. The two basic types are fluid and foam.

The choice of a waving lotion is dependant upon two factors.

One, the desired appearance of the waves:

  • Soft (light) waves
  • Medium waves
  • Strong to extra strong waves

The other criteria are the hair type:

  • normal hair
  • fine hair
  • damaged, colored hair
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how to get permanent wavy hair

What should one consider when perming hair?

The most important requirement for a good perm is a good haircut. Damaged hair should only be treated with a mild waving lotion; fine, oily hair requires a stronger waving agent. For colored hair, an acid perm is recommended. However, it is important to keep in mind that hair should be permed no less than two weeks after coloring or blonding.

A perm lasts generally for one to four months, depending upon hair length, the choice of waving lotion and rods, and the amount of time the agent is left upon the hair.


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