How To Become A Happier More Positive Person ?

How To Become A Happier More Positive Person

You can learn how to be happy.

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Not everyone is raised in an atmosphere which teaches them how to be happy. Other individuals have a physical impairment, or chemical imbalance, which increases their chances of being unhappy. The good news is that a person’s emotional outlook can be changed.

You can become a happy person. Happiness is something which every person deserves to have and it can be yours. You can heal the disharmony within you. You can learn how to be happy.

There is a pathway to discovering the factors which cause you to be unhappy, and with a deep commitment to change, you can heal the unhappiness in your life. You can be happy.

How To Become A Happier More Positive Person ?

Surround yourself with happiness…

Seeing someone else smile, receiving a compliment, or reading a happy quote or saying, will make you feel happier. It’s one of the basic facts of being happy.

Simply seeing, reading, or hearing positive messages throughout the day can make you a happier person. So surround yourself with happy quotes, happy people, and happy thoughts.


Discover what it is that is making you unhappy…

Living in a negative environment can cause depression, a physical health issue can also cause a person to feel unhappy, and either of these circumstances can make you feel very dissatisfied with your current circumstances.

Sometimes it is simply a matter of having too large an expectation for oneself that causes the unhappiness to occur.

There are many reasons why a person might be unhappy, and it is through understanding why you are unhappy, that you will be able to become happy. It is therefore very important for you to discover exactly why it is that you are discontent with yourself or your life’s circumstances.

Recognizing the reasons why you are unhappy, and working to change these factors, is the first step that you will need to take in order to become a happier person.

Reasons why someone may be unhappy:

  • 1*Being surrounded by negative people, negative messages, and negative feedback.* Constantly being bombarded by negativity will definitely affect your attitude. It is difficult to be positive in a negative environment.
  • 2*Being raised in a pessimistic or negative atmosphere rather than in a household which an optimistic positive atmosphere.* If you learn to constantly look at life with a pessimistic viewpoint it is very difficult to be content when good things happen to you.
  • 3*Suffering from a chemical imbalance in the brain.*
  • 4*Suffering from SADS – Seasonal Affective Disorder.* When you are exposed to sunlight your brain releases chemicals to make you feel happy. During winter or other dark gloomy months, you may not receive the necessary light to make you feel happy. In which case you will indeed feel unhappy or depressed. People who work underground, or long hours without exposure to sunlight, can also be affected by this disorder.
  • 5*Being a perfectionist can cause a person to be disappointed with their life because they are not able to achieve perfection within it.*
  • 6*Having too high an expectation of what you feel you should accomplish, or acquire, in your life.* Many people feel that they should meet and marry the perfect partner, have the perfect job, own a beautiful expensive home, etc. In having too high of expectations for what they desire in life they lose sight of being happy with all the wonderful things which they currently do have.
  • 7*Focusing on the big picture, and in doing so, losing sight of the little things that matter so very much.*
  • 8*Living for the future rather than enjoying the pathway there.*
  • 9*Allowing stress to rule your life.* Some individuals get so caught up in working, paying bills, and all the other day to day stresses, that they forget how to just relax and enjoy their life.


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How To Become A Happier More Positive Person ?

Create a more positive environment for yourself…

Living in a negative atmosphere. or carrying a pessimistic outlook inside of you can make you very unhappy. People need to smile, laugh, and enjoy life to the fullest in order to be truly happy.

It does not matter if you are rich or poor, sick or well, you can still be a very happy person. If you can believe in your hopes, dreams, and all the little wonderful blessings that you encounter each day then you can be happy. People need positive optimistic messages to drive them toward happiness.

We are not always given a nurturing upbringing so we must take it upon ourselves to create our own place of rest and creativity. You can find a positive atmosphere for yourself. It may take time but you can achieve this.

Decorate your home with a positive theme and surround yourself with positive, and encouraging, messages and quotes. Avoid negativity as much as you are able to so that the power to become an optimist is able to enter your belief system. Block out negative thoughts, comments, or beliefs and instead repeat positive and encouraging messages to yourself. Remove yourself from negative individuals and instead try to surround yourself with those with a more positive outlook on life.

Being content with what you are able to achieve is a large part of being happy. We are not all destined to be rich, or beautiful, or successful. Most of us are just destined to be who we are. Having an optimistic attitude gives you the power to believe in laughter, magic, miracles, your hopes and your dreams. With an optimistic attitude, you may be surprised how many of your dreams really do come true.

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Let go of the negativity in your life, and become a more positive, and happy person.

A chemical imbalance or other physical ailment could be the reason you are unhappy…

If you are extremely unhappy then the first conversation you should have is one with your doctor. Your doctor will be able to diagnose if your depression is caused by an underlying physical condition.

There are many things which can cause a person to suffer from a physical based unhappiness: an adverse reaction to a prescription drug, a chemical imbalance within the brain, an allergic reaction or food allergy, a head injury, lack of sleep, or even a lack of exposure to sunlight can all cause a person to experience a feeling of unhappiness.

There are physician prescribed drugs which can help relieve depression caused by a chemical imbalance. Other natural medications and remedies for depression are also available to help.

Studies are indicating that sleep deprivation may be the underlying cause of many cases of depression, including also some cases of psychosis, and bipolar disorder. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is very important, although 8 hours per night is considered the necessary standard, some individuals can require up to 10 or 12 hours per night.

Maintaining a proper balance of rest, diet, and exercise is very important to maintaining your emotional well being. A healthy body = A healthy mind.


SADS: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD for short, is the latest depression phenomenon making headlines in the news. It is now known for a fact that the gloomy dark months of winter can indeed affect a person’s mood.

Your brain releases feel-good chemicals when you are exposed to sunlight, and often in the winter months, people simply cannot get enough of these feel-good chemicals to ward off depression. Other individuals who work underground, or indoors for long hours, can also be affected by this disorder. Which means that there are a lot of people affected by SADS who find it very difficult to be happy during gloomy months.

The best way to relieve the effects of SADS is to get outside and into the light of the sun, but unfortunately, this is not always possible, so you can also find some relief by using a sunlamp to give you additional sunlight in the winter. Some individuals with SADS find that using a tanning booth during the winter helps, others go south for the winter, and others consult with their doctor on initiating a prescription drug therapy program.


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How To Become A Happier More Positive Person ?

Sunlight lamps can help to relieve seasonal depression…

Don’t be so hard on yourself…

Gosh, but you would never treat a friend that way. Don’t be so darn hard on yourself.

We are not robots, and therefore not designed to be perfect, so every now and then we won’t quite meet up to the expectations set out for us. It’s okay. The world will still be turning tomorrow morning when you get out of bed so you won’t have broken anything too badly.

Practice, trial and error, and learning will help to improve your skills in the future. For today pat yourself on the back for accomplishing everything that you have. Be proud of yourself. You really are a wonderful person.


Enjoy the little things in life…

The warmth of the sun beaming down on your face, the first sip of a delicious cup of hot coffee, the smell of supper cooking, hearing a child laugh, and the gentle touch of someone who loves you, these are luxuries that are beyond value.

We often let the wonderful little things in life slip by without acknowledging them.

Slow things down and take a minute or two to really stop and enjoy the little things in life. You will be surprised by exactly how many wonderful events you can experience in each and every day. It all sort of brings everything back into perspective again.

Life really is a wonderful adventure and we shouldn’t miss a single moment of it. Take a little time to today to just slow down, and enjoy a moment or two of something that you might otherwise have missed if you had not.

Do you believe that happiness can be found within an optimistic attitude?

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