Best 18 Health And Skin Care Tips And Tricks Ever!

Health And Skin Care Tips And Tricks

1- Strong Bones

Osteoporosis is not just a problem for women; men can also suffer, though it occurs only later in men – at around 50 years of age. To still be active when you are older, make sure to eat lots of calcium. It helps to keeps your bones strong. Broccoli, milk, whole grain bread, yogurt, and fish all contain a wealth of this important mineral. Also, drink water or juice more often. Soft drinks and alcohol draw calcium out of the bones. Those who are a bit plump will be happy to hear: body fat produces estrogen, which protects against osteoporosis. Therefore, those who constantly diet and are nothing but skin and bones deprive the body of important hormones. In contrast, prescription hormones have only a positive effect on bone density whenever they are taken.

2- Eyebrows in Perfect Form!

With the right brow shape, you can easily create a more attractive facial expression that rounds out your face, clarifies your gaze and makes your eyes look bigger.

Here’s how: In order to avoid unnatural-looking eyebrows, check your zealousness and don’t tweeze too much. Imagine a straight line from the inside corner of the eye upwards; this is where your brow should begin. For where the brow should end, rest a pencil from the bridge of the nose and another end of the eye. Your brow should end right where the line ends.

To make tweezing as easy as possible, brush your brow for one minute with an ice cube. The skin will be slightly numbed and automatically become less sensitive. Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth.

 3- Cosmetics and Shelf Life

When it comes to cosmetics, it is important to note their expiration date. Even if your lipstick is still pretty, at some point it’s time will come. So that you can enjoy your cosmetics for as long as possible, keep in mind a few rules: Always seal products well after use. Choose products in a tube over sprays and pumps. The smaller the opening of the packaging, the lower the chance that germs will reach the product. For cream jars, it is best to use a tiny spatula for extracting the product so that bacteria from your fingers does not contaminate the cream. Also air, skin contact, and light shorten the shelf life of cosmetic products. Store creams, whenever possible, in a dry, dark and cool place. Sometimes the bedroom, for example, can be a better place than a damp bathroom.

 4- Optical Illusions Are Allowed!

Slowly but surely, the first rays of bright sunlight creep out from under the thick clouds. Spring is coming, and it won’t long until summer!

What to do when you still don’t quite have a “bikini figure” and you don’t have enough time to visit the gym? It’s easy to conceal small beauty flaws – cheating is allowed! Here are our tips:

You can skillfully direct the eye anyone looking at you. Use this to your advantage!

Tanned skin looks firmer and thinner. Therefore, apply a self-tanner or shimmering sunscreen on the first sunny days.

Your beach days in a bikini are now a bit uncomfortable due to a few extra pounds? This doesn’t have to be the case. A stylish cover-up moves the eye away from the legs and buttocks and directs the eye instead to the upper body. Cast a spell on fellow beachcombers with a beautiful décolleté, even with the help of a push-up bikini!

 5- A Flour Bath for Dry Skin

Do you suffer from dry skin? Try a flour bath. To running bath water, add two cups of whole wheat flour, three tablespoons coconut milk, six orange slices and five drops of frankincense oil. Your skin will not only feel silky soft, but it will also smell wonderful. Next to the benefits to your skin, the interplay of ingredients will also create a sense of well-being. After the bath, you will feel incredibly relaxed.

6- A Simple Remedy for Chapped Hands

A relaxing bath with lemon can make chapped hands once again beautifully supple. Mix about half a liter of water with the pressed juice of one lemon. Soak hands for several minutes in the bath; then apply hand cream generously and leave overnight in cotton gloves.

 7- Lip Balsam Helps!

Rub a lip balsam to lips before applying your lipstick. This helps you to apply color more evenly. The fine tissue surrounding your lips does not contain body oils, unlike the rest of your skin. This means: Cold, windy and even very sunny weather affects your lips and causes dryness.

Slightly lubricating the lips makes it easier to apply color and also provides full protection against any weather.

 8- Fitness for your Nails!

Even without being out of breath…

Don’t blow on your nails blow on your nails to make them dry faster. The moisture in your breath keeps the nail polish soft. Use a special drying spray instead. These dry the uppermost layer, which means that you can get back to work faster.

To strengthen soft and brittle nails…

Soft and brittle nails indicate that you may not be getting enough calcium. This problem can easily be solved by adding more dairy products to your diet. Start your day with a breakfast of muesli with milk. Your nails will thank you!

 8- The Right Preparation for Winter in 5 Steps!   

1) Caution! Keep your feet warm. Through reflex zones, cold feet cool the directly mucous membranes in the nose, throat and bronchial tubes. Circulation in these sinus areas is affected and more vulnerable to viruses. Keep your feet covered up in wool socks and insulated shoes instead of linen sock or high heels.

2) Alternating hot/cold showers build up your resistance! In the morning after a long, hot shower, let cold water run briefly over your body. You will feel not only more fit but also more invigorated.

3) Make sure you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night. This strengthens your immune system and gives your body enough energy to combat viruses

4) Don’t skimp on your Kleenex! Throw the tissue away immediately after use and wash your hands afterward. Viruses won’t have a chance!

5) Peppermint oil helps against headaches. Apply several times a day under your nose and to the temples.

 9- Ouch! Say Goodbye To Bruises…

The next time a rock “jumps” in your way and leaves behind an ugly bruise follow these first aid tips:

Cool the bruise and massage some tea tree oil onto the affected area. This reduces any pain and makes the bruise disappear more quickly.

For prevention, try the homeopathic remedy “arnica D6”. Take one pill three times daily. This reduces your susceptibility to bruising. After all, you never know when the next rock will make a surprise attack.

10- Chill your Nail Polish

So that your nail polish lasts longer and does not dry out or develop bubbles, simply store it in your refrigerator. This keeps it thin and easier to use. Do not try to thin out your nail polish with nail polish remover; this will make it thinner, but it will no longer adhere as easily. To thin out your nail polish, use a specially formulated thinner from the drugstore or cosmetics shop. Remember to wipe off the applicator brush with a cosmetic cloth after use so that it doesn’t stick together.

 11- Sit Up Straight!

This well known parental command makes good sense: We burn 10 percent more calories by sitting upright than with drooped shoulders or protruding stomach. In other words, whether you’re at your desk, in front of the T.V., or on the train, just remember to sit up straight!

 12- Sweaters cause dry, cracked elbows

After your thick sweaters are dug out of the closet, calluses may begin to appear on your elbows. Here’s how to get rid of them: Regularly treat rough skin to a peeling with sea salt. Follow up with a moisturizer to keep skin soft.

Prevention is the best medicine: Rub elbows daily with lemon and skin won’t even begin to harden. Citrus acid has the effect of a light peeling.

 13- What to do about frayed cuticles?

Never clip or bite them! This may cause the nail bed to become infected and the skin to grow back thicker. Soaking them is better: Soak cuticles in an oil bath and carefully push them back with an orangewood stick wrapped in cotton. Then, simply massage away the remainder with your fingers.

14- Keep it polished!

Use a sandpaper or microcrystal file instead of a metal nail file. Also, remember to file nails only in one direction. Wild filing can wear down, and thus weaken the nail. Hold the nail file at an angle to the nail edge and gently file in the same direction. If you tend to have brittle or cracked nails, it is better to file nails into a square instead of pointed shape. This more evenly distributes the daily pressure on the nails so they will not break as easily.

 15- Cold Shaving

Whether you shave, epilate or tweeze, most women torture themselves in order to get rid of unwanted hair on the legs or bikini area. It hurts to be beautiful! Rub the area beforehand with an ice cube. This is not only refreshing but also eases the pain. Extra tip for tweezing: pull skin somewhat at a slant in the direction of the hairline before tweezing. Why suffer when you don’t have to?

16- Wet Paint!


After you spent so much time and effort painting your fingernails, the paint chips after only a couple of hours. It doesn’t have to! Soak your fingernails in vinegar water before painting. Nail polish will then last significantly longer. To ensure that your nail polish goes on smoothly, keep it stored at a constant temperature.

17- One for All

Rub some Vaseline over dry lips or cracked skin on the feet and elbows. Lips will become soft again and the skin tender and smooth. A small trick for glamorous evenings: Vaseline peps up the eyebrows, makes them look fuller and creates a pretty shine that lasts the whole evening.

 18- Purify your Body with a Sea Salt Bath

Use aromatic sea salts for your bath! Sea salt contains many minerals that your body needs. The salts work by osmosis: They draw toxins out of the body and help to balance potassium and magnesium levels in the body. Just sprinkle some fragrant sea salt over the warm water stream and into your bath. This releases the essential oils and gives you renewed energy.

 19- Exercise for Smooth Skin

This is a very effective training for those who suffer from the tiny dimples on the thighs and buttocks. To combat cellulite, we recommend a daily training for 15 minutes on a mini trampoline. With small, feathery leaps, the muscles experience so-called “eccentric resistance”. The muscle contractions massage the lymphatics from the inside; water can drain off and waste products are removed. Your connective tissue is strengthened from head to toe.

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      Hello Ravi,
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      Or you can also check some of the natural face masks that queen Cleopatra has used and proved efficiently to fight wrinkles

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