4 Best Hand Care Tips At Home

4 Best Hand Care Tips At Home

Four Steps to More Beautiful Hands  

The Perfect Moisture:

Skin is our largest organ as well as our protective mechanism against harmful environmental influences such as radiation, bacteria, and other pathogens. Skin builds a protective film out of dead skin cells, sweat, and sebum. With every hand washing, this natural acid mantle is eroded. The relatively thin skin on the back of the hands is particularly subject to permanent stress and every now and again needs some extra T.L.C. Try pampering your hands with a mask. Apply a rich night cream directly on the skin and remove after thirty minutes with a cosmetic tissue. For an extreme moisture treatment, wear cotton gloves over moisturized hands and leave on overnight.

The Perfect Massage:
The earliest reports of the use of massage to treat inner organs were recorded in the 16th century. It has since been proven that the stimulation of particular points on the body can affect the inner organs. In reflex zone therapy, the hands are recognized as having many pressure points—and are therefore ideal for “deeply” effective massage. Reflex zone therapists even contend that for every acute medical ailment, such as liver damage, stomach problems, or neck pains, there is a particular pressure point on the hands and feet.

In Perfect Form:

Beautiful nails are truly the “icing on the cake” of well-groomed hands. As a rule, each time you clip your nails you should follow up with a manicure. The rough shape of the nail is created by trimming with nail scissors. Then the shape is refined using a nail file (metal or sandpaper). Nails should not be filed after showering or bathing, but only trimmed. When filing nails, place the file slightly at a slant below the nail and use broad, sweeping strokes—always in the same direction—from the side of the nail to the tip. Sharp edges can then be rounded off using a sandpaper file.

The Perfect Shine:

When painting nails, you should pay attention to your nail shape. Here are a few tricks to make your nails look their best: Wide nails on shorthands should extend 2 mm over the fingertips. They should not be too tapered when filed. Nails appear thinner when the sides are not painted. Light colors (e.g. pearly tones) are flattering. Powerful, square hands appear smaller when you leave a narrow line in the center of the nail unpainted; otherwise, follow the same tips for shorthands. For slender fingers, paint nails fully to achieve the perfect look. We recommend light tones such as rosé or crème. Remember: Be sure to shake the bottle well before applying nail polish.

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