Fourteen Weeks Pregnant – All You Need To Know

Fourteen Weeks Pregnant – All You Need To Know

Fourteen Weeks Pregnant

I’m 14 weeks pregnant. What to expect?

I know you’re worried because pregnancy is such a troublesome, yet exciting, time… but don’t be. The lens is designed to answer certain questions expectant mothers usually ask when 14 weeks pregnant.

It’s important to be educated and study each specific week so you can know what to look out for and expect. Are you worried about cramping and bleeding and not sure what it means? Check our table of contents to see if we answered your question. We’ve covered a lot of popular topics!


Is it okay to be on a diet while pregnant?

Absolutely not! Even if you’re feeling fat, it’s never okay to sacrifice your own child’s health to feel more attractive. You may think that carbs make you fat, but the truth is, your fetus needs them! They are critical for healthy development. Yes, there are foods you can eat to keep yourself in shape (there are even some ‘good’ carbs!) and even do various exercises while pregnant, but you should never even think about starving yourself. Pregnancy is a sensitive period for both of you, but you have to make some priorities.

There are a lot of things you can do today to stay as fit as you can be during pregnancy, and when it’s over, return to your pre-pregnancy shape as quickly as possible. Furthermore, there are certain foods you need to avoid if you want to keep your fetus h

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Am I going to have a boy or a girl?

The gender can be approximately determined by ultrasound…

In some cases it’s too soon to tell, in some cases it’s barely visible. You may want to consult your doctor about this. He/she will make a judgment according to the ultrasound images. Don’t get too hung up on it though. It really is hard to tell right now and your doctor can only make an educated guess at this point.


Are you experiencing cramps and aren’t sure what they mean?

It’s pretty normal at this point, so don’t worry. As long as you aren’t bleeding, you’re going to be fine. If you are, you should consult with your doctor immediately! But usually, cramps just mean that your uterus is stretching.


The development of your child

By now, your baby should be about 9cm long and weigh 43 grams.

Previously, its head was growing faster than the body. But now the reverse is true! Now is a time when your child is starting to grow some tiny bits of hair. Did you know that at this stage of development your baby can suck its thumb?

Fourteen Weeks Pregnant

Help, I’m bleeding!

Don’t freak out and calm down. Doctors will tell you that it’s only the placenta. Sometimes making love can cause you to bleed as well. It’s quite common. Hormones can cause this. If it will help you calm down, just check with your doctor that everything is fine.


Is it safe/healthy to make love at that time?

The answer is absolutely yes! As a matter of fact, it’s even beneficial for your body and the baby, solely because it relieves stress and that’s good for both.


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I want to have an abortion

Yes, it’s still possible, but you must act now! They only do it until week 17. It varies between different countries though. Try to think about some sort of contraception in the future to avoid having this kind of unpleasant situations.


Uterus size at 14 weeks pregnant

I know it sounds funny, but your uterus is now about the size of a grapefruit!


I’m experiencing discomfort after I’m done eating!

Don’t worry, it’s not so uncommon for pregnant mothers. The best advice is to take your time while eating, and instead of eating in big portions a few times per day (because you have little time) take the opposite path – eat a lot of times per day, but in small portions!


14 weeks pregnant and not showing?

Don’t worry, that’s completely normal. Most women report that they don’t feel fat at this stage, just slightly bulky. I know you’re anxious to see your belly come out soon, so there’s a little trick you can do. Go to your nearest mirror and raise your arms above your head. Make sure to roll up your shirt a bit so you can see your tummy. There! Do you notice it now? 😉


Experiencing back pain?

Just use a super large pillow! Also, make sure that your bed is as comfortable as it can get. Use more pillows if you have to.


When is my due date?

Usually somewhere between week 37 and 41 of pregnancy.

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