10 First Signs Of Depression

First Signs Of Depression

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Depression is a sinister and sneaky condition.  It manifests itself differently in almost every person, often making it difficult for family members to be confident in their suspicions.  Using these 10 depression symptoms can help you decide if yourself or your family member should be seeking assistance.

10 First Signs Of Depression

1.  One of the common depression symptoms is the inability to focus or concentrate.  Remembering details of conversations, and other important events become difficult.  Decision making becomes a major challenge, because you feel as if you never have all the facts, or can come to a conclusion.

2.  Hopelessness and Pessimism are one of the often reported depression symptoms.  A feeling there is no possible positive outcomes to the day, or in the future.  If a family member is always making comments there is no reason to plan for the future because everything just fails, they may be experiencing this symptom and from depression.

3.  Fatigue and a general lack of energy are very common.  This is a very observable symptom and is one very commonly reported by men.  If your family member, who used to be energetic and full of life, is now constantly complaining about being tired or is always just slumped in a chair, it is time to pay close attention.

4.  Sleep disorders are another of the depression symptoms.  This can manifest in both directions.  Some people with depression sleep excessively, never wanting to wake up, just wanting to sleep away the days.  Other people go to the other extreme and have problems with insomnia, or waking up many times during the night.

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5.  Loss of interest in things they once enjoyed.  People who used to love going to the movies, reading books, playing games, or other activities, which they are now not interested in, maybe going through depression.  Loss of interest in sex is also one of the depression symptoms reported by many patients and their families.

6.  Irritability and restlessness.  Has your family member recently become irritable about everything?  Even minor occurrences now upset them.  Maybe they can’t seem to sit still, and every little noise gets them up and moving.  They cannot sit still and relax.  They seem on edge about everything.

7.  Depression symptoms can also show up in the form of eating disorders.  Eating in excess is an often observed habit.  Depression can lead to eating to try to fill the void in one’s life.  The opposite is also true.  Many depressed people have no appetite and are not interested in food.  It just seems like a waste of time to eat.  If you are observing a major change in eating habits, especially if it is causing a major change in body weight, it may be time to take action.

8.  Persistent aches and pains.  While everyone has aches and pains, they seem to be amplified, and almost impossible to ignore for many people experiencing depression.

9.  Thoughts of sadness, anxiety, and even feelings of emptiness are often experienced during the depression.  Everyone experiences these feeling at times, but they normally pass quickly, and we move on with life.  During a depression, these feelings can become invasive and persistent.

10.  The most extreme symptom of depression is thoughts of suicide, and the feeling life is not worth living.  If any family member or yourself are experiencing this feeling, take immediate action and get professional assistance.

Diagnosing depression can be difficult since the depression symptoms described are not consistent in all people.  Most people will have a variety of these feelings at different levels of intensity.  Use this list of 10 symptoms to help determine if you should seek a professional analysis.

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