7 Of The First Birth Control Methods,That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

7 Of The First Birth Control Methods, That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

In Many Ancient Civilizations, life wasn’t that easy to have countless kids, so Finding Natural Birth Control Methods was Essential!!

People have tried their best to Harness The abundant natural resources around them, even the human ones. No matter how strange, disgusting, or even dangerous!!

As long as it does the required job of Contraception.

Of course, most of these natural birth control methods were used by women, because, women always carried the burden of Birth Control, and still to the day, unfortunately.


First Birth Control Methods

1- Abstinence


We didn’t want to shock you at the beginning,

So we started off by one of the most common and least weird natural birth control methods, Although the abstinence method was acknowledged and even recorded in the book of Genesis records in the past few hundreds of years,

It has been around since the dark ages. In some cultures, couples weren’t allowed to practice their usual intercourse in spiritual holiday times, So they used the abstinence as away of avoiding heaven’s punishment at least minimizing the fault they believed to make.

2- If Life Gives You Lemon, Make A Lemonade,

And Pour It To Your Cervix!!

Yes, Exactly as simple as that. If you are looking for an emergency natural birth control methods, Try squeezing fresh lemon juice into a woman’s cervix.

Another way of using lemon as a natural birth control method, Was soaking a clean piece of sponge in the lemon juice, And then insert the piece of sponge merged with the lemon juice itself, To make sure that no sperms will pass through it alive.

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In addition to using empty half lemons as a cervical caps for blocking semen from entering the cervix.

These lemony natural birth control methods were mainly used by women in ancient Jewish communities. The legend Casanova himself, has mentioned that the 1700’s women have used to use lemon as a contraceptive as well.


3- Just Put On Your Lucky Charm, Say Your Spell And Go Party!!

Spiritual beliefs played a major role in ancient people’s lives, as well as their natural birth control methods.

In some cultures, women were believed to just wear amulets or charms before having an intercourse that believed to have contraceptive powers to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

These lucky charms were made of some of the strangest things on earth,

such as asparagus, some dead animal uteruses, black cat’s bone or liver, and even donkey’s poop as well as its private parts.

In Europe, women wore a charm made of weasel testicles around their neck to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

4- Just A Couple Of Drinks And You’re Good To Go!!

Not of alcohol of course!!

Better yet of MERCURY!!

Chinese women were actually very accustomed to this way of natural birth control methods.

They didn’t actually figure out mercury’s poisonous effect,

They only have known it as a powerful contraceptive substance.

5.The Egyptian Pharaohs natural birth control methods!

In ancient Egyptian times, some amazing natural prescription has been used and proven to have a powerful effect.

These contraception and natural birth control methods were mentioned in the famous Ebers Papyrus,

A mixture of:

Dates, Bark of the Acacia Tree, and honey,

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All were crushed to a form of a paste and inserted in the vaginal opening to prevent pregnancies.

Also, another way of natural birth control in ancient Egypt was using the poop of a crocodile, mixing it with honey, and inserting it in the vaginal opening

6- Condoms Are Not A Modern Invention

Ancient civilizations have known and used condoms since the beginning of time.

But of course, they were not rubber condoms,

Maybe they were sometimes flavored with a dead animal scent!!

As they used to make condoms out of dead animal intestines.

Later in time, they used linen to make another scent-free condom,

Until God had his mercy upon us all, and rubber condoms were officially produced in 1843.

7- If Any Of The Previous Natural Birth Control Methods Didn’t Seem To Work, Here’s What To Do…

If a woman didn’t or can’t do any of the previous natural birth control methods,

Then she might have her normal intercourse as usual,

And then she was advised to sneeze, jump, and squat,

In some desperate-looking try to get any smen out of her body before they reach her cervix!

That was our brief summarization for some of the weirdest contraceptive techniques we have found,

We now dare you to trust and try any of them exclusively and tell us if you\your partner got pregnant 😀

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