Is Breast Cancer Treatable, Innovative Alternative Cancer Treatment

Is Breast Cancer Treatable, Innovative Alternative Cancer Treatment

If you suffer from breast cancer, you may ask yourself this question, and you may desperately want to find out different treatment ways to supplement traditional medicine.

There are several options to include; detox food diets, traditional Chinese medicine, and antioxidants, among other alternatives. Doctors called these ways Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

In order to answer the question ‘Can breast cancer be cured naturally?” many people started to use CAM treatments to help relieve pain, reduce side effects and improve the way they live. However not all CAM treatments are safe and some are effective. So that it’s important to remember all the time that these are additional remedies and you shouldn’t use them instead of the approved treatment plan of your doctor.

Here are some examples of CAM treatments which could be answers to the question “can breast cancer be cured naturally”:


 Special diet

A healthy diet is a vital part of cancer treatment. You should eat healthy food whether you’re following traditional methods or CAM.

However, if you start on a special diet instead of taking anticancer drugs, firstly you have to reduce eating foods which are:

  • high-fat
  • salt-cured
  • smoked
  • pickled

Secondly, you should concentrate on plant-based foods, fruits, and vegetables.

Be careful, before changing up your diet, you should talk with your doctor because he can organize a nutrition plan with you that can help in building your strength and keep your body’s natural defenses.


Antioxidant supplements

The importance of antioxidants that they can lower your risk of cancer, they help in protecting your body from damage that is caused by the free radicals which are molecules that can cause cells damage.

Some specific fruits, grains, and vegetables are rich with dietary antioxidants, including:

  • beta-carotene
  • lycopene
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E

You can find these antioxidants in foods like:

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  • goji berries
  • wild blueberries
  • dark chocolate
  • pecans
  • kidney beans

That’s not all, you can also find them through dietary supplements. However, to be honest with you, some researches are not sure about whether it is safe to use antioxidant supplements during cancer treatment, because dietary supplements may:

  • interact with drugs approved by your doctor.
  • contain unknown contaminants

The result could be very harmful and unexpected complicate. People who suffer from breast cancer should use them wisely.


Mind, body, and soul therapies

Mind-body practices are useful to improve your mind’s positive effect on the rest of your body.

Some examples of these practices include:

  • art therapy
  • music therapy
  • aromatherapy
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • labyrinth walking
  • reiki
  • tai chi

Each therapy can control your mind, body, and soul using meditative methods and creative activities that help improve your quality of life. Several remedies, such as music therapy and art therapy, are most effective when working with a specialist practitioner.

Research has proven that these types of mind, body, and soul therapies has a great effective at relieving pain, anxiety, and stress, but they shouldn’t be a replacement of a doctor-recommended treatment plan.


 Massage therapy

Massage therapy is known to improve immunity and relieve anxiety, pain, and fatigue. One 2003 research found that in women who suffered from breast cancer, massage therapy helped in reducing not only anxiety and pain but also the in need of pain medication.


The truth is, according to several types of research natural remedies for breast cancer is available, and indeed, the answer of your question “can breast cancer be cured naturally?” is yes it can. However, first of all, you should consult your doctor and arrange together an approved treatment plan to help you in healing your body.

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