Folding Grocery Bags – Small enough for your pocket or purse

Get greener with folding grocery bags

Here in Maryland, we’re being charged $0.10 for every paper or plastic shopping bag we use in a store after January 1, 2018, so reusable shopping bags are flying off the shelves. If you’re anything like me (and, on a lot of levels, I hope you’re not…for your own sake…), you might fill your car with reusable grocery bags with the best of intentions. Yes, I know…something about the road to hell….

Anyway, I almost always forget to bring these reusable fabric grocery bags into a store with me! In the trunk or back seat is where these folding shopping bags remain..ostensibly forever.

If I don’t change my ways, a trip to the grocery store and the Chinese market where I load up on vegetables is going to cost me approximately $1.00 a week, and that doesn’t include trips to the local mall where single-use bags will also be taxed. All told, I’ll probably spend use around 30 paper or plastic bags a week which adds up to $1.50 per week. Now, that might not seem like much to you but, it adds up quick – I’ll spend an additional $78 a year just to tote my purchases home.

And, that’s why I started to research folding grocery bags small enough to fit in my pocket or purse. I’ve come to determine that I need to have grocery shopping bags that are attached to my person – either hanging from a wrist or, more preferable, folding grocery bags which can fit in my jeans pocket or in my purse. I know it’s not the most mature of decisions but it just has to be!

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I’ve found what I think are the best of reusable grocery bags which can be folded into a small package. One of these folding grocery totes even folds up into a strawberry. How cute is that? In fact, a strawberry folding shopping bag would be an ideal present for Valentine’s Day – perhaps not the sexiest Valentine’s Day gift ever but it sure would be welcome in my sorry little world…


Waste-less Variety Pack Reusable Shopping Bags

These reusable shopping bags come in a quantity of 6 so you’ll have plenty on hand – always!

These Waste-less reusable folding grocery bags were first on my list when I searched Amazon. I love that these cloth grocery bags have a bit of style to them – not that I do but I can use all the help I can get. Reviewers also love these folding grocery bags as they will fold easily to fit right inside your palm. And, they each of these reusable shopping bags hold approximately twice the volume of a normal grocery plastic sack.

You can find the Waste-less reusable folding grocery bags at different places on the internet but, for the best price, click on the above reusable shopping bags above.


Folding shopping bags…

…for the strawberry lover

I just had no clue at all that there was a plethora of folding grocery bags that fold up into the shape of a strawberry. I think these are very cute and, if I were a strawberry lover, I’d be all over these reusable grocery bags. If you have a strawberry lover in your life, you might want to consider filling a basket with a few of these reusable grocery totes, a few chocolate covered strawberries, a bottle of wine (Strawberry Hill, of course) and 2 wine glasses as a great Valentine’s gift.

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Got paper or plastic?

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I’m a bit saddened to find that we now have to pay to tote our already groceries home but, I suppose in the interest of ecology and recycling and saving the earth and all that jazz, it’s a necessary evil.

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