Being Anemic While Pregnant – Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Being Anemic While Pregnant – Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Being Anemic While Pregnant

Pregnancy and Anemia

Most common reason for Anemia during Pregnancy is due to low iron levels in the blood.

Pregnancy is, among other things, a special body condition for every woman. A baby that is growing in a woman’s body will take care of its needs. That is why a woman, during her pregnancy, has to increasing needs for vitamins, minerals, and other substances so both (baby and mommy) will have enough in order to be healthy.

Baby is growing, a new human being that wants to be healthy and strong and that is why a healthy pregnancy it is so important. However, no matter how much you care about healthy pregnancy you still might face anemia.

Anemia during pregnancy might be caused by many reasons however the most common reason is due to low iron levels in the blood.

What is anemia?

Being Anemic While Pregnant due to low iron levels in the blood

Simply put:
Anemia is when your blood is sick because it does not have enough red blood cells
or in our case when the red blood cells don’t contain enough iron. This is where the doctor might say to you: “Your hemoglobin is too low.”
Let’s look at this:
Your red blood cells need to contain enough iron protein and this is what we call hemoglobin and this is what gives our blood its red color.
Yes, red-colored blood is blood rich with oxygen.
So this is why hemoglobin is so important:
because iron-rich protein helps the red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to all the vital organs and all the body and to the baby.

How will I know I have anemia?

What are the symptoms Of Being Anemic While Pregnant

Most likely the doctor will tell you if you have anemia ;

This is also why we get our blood check.

So do not worry too much let your doctor worry about your blood.

Nevertheless, it is your body and your baby and you are still responsible for what you do or don’t do or what you eat or don’t eat during pregnancy.

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So let’s look at the most common symptoms for being anemic while pregnant:

*feeling tired
*feeling weak
*feeling dizzy
*pale face
*pale fingernails
*pale underside of your eyelids
*pale lips
*irregular heart rate
*trouble with concentration
*low blood pressure
*cold skin

As you see you might have a lot of symptoms every day however your hemoglobin is just fine
and some symptoms are the special regular for pregnancy so do not panic.
Of course with serious symptoms like irregular heart rate, fainting, chest pain it is smart to get to a doctor as soon as possible (anemic or not, pregnant or not).

Or you might have no symptoms at all and yet you are anemic.

So do not panic.

As said before: let your doctor check your blood and let him worry about your blood


What can you do to prevent being anemic while pregnant?

Can you prevent anemia?

Yes, you can prevent anemia due to low iron levels in the blood.

This is good news, yes?

Now how can you do that?

You have two options:

1. you eat more of iron-rich foods

2. you use iron supplements


1. You simply adjust your pregnancy diet to more iron-rich diet. You can achieve that by simply eating more iron rich foods.

2.You can simply add iron supplements to your regular diet.


Which foods are rich in iron?

Iron Rich Foods

And here is what they say are

15 World’s Healthiest Foods ranked as quality sources of iron:

  • *Thyme
    *Cumin Seeds
    *Swiss Chard
    *Black Pepper
    *Blackstrap Molasses
    *Sea Vegetables
    *Romaine Lettuce

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