Online Associate Degree Majors

Online Associate Degree Majors

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With an online Associate’s degree from an accredited college, you will be on the road to getting ahead in the career of your dreams.


What is an Associate’s Degree?

An Associate’s Degree is often called a two-year degree because it can be earned in as little as two years. Community colleges and junior colleges, as well as many four-year colleges typically award it once 60 credit hours have been completed. Associate’s degrees come in two forms: transfer degrees and vocational/professional degrees.

Online Associate Degree Majors

What kind of Associate Degree can you earn?

Transfer Associate’s degrees open the door to a Bachelor’s degree because they allow students to complete most, if not all, general education requirements so they can transfer to a Bachelor’s degree program. Transfer degrees come in three forms:

* Associate of Arts (AA) which is common for Social Sciences, Humanities, or General Studies majors.
* Associate of Science (AS) which is ideal for Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Technology majors.
* Associate of Applied Science (AAS) also ideal for Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Technology majors.

The difference between an AS and AAS is that holders of an AS generally transfer their credits into a four-year program whereas holders of AAS degrees tend to go straight into the workforce.

Many colleges and universities offer occupational or professional Associate’s degrees in fields such as Computer Programming, Criminal Justice, Graphic Design, and so on. These degrees will normally qualify you for entry-level positions that don’t require a Bachelor’s degree, but quite often these degrees are not transferrable to a Baccalaureate program.

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Enjoy the benefits of an online associate’s degree!

Students enjoy greater scheduling flexibility by taking online classes. They also have access to a greater selection of programs than are typically available at a traditional college or university. An online associate’s degree also assists in:

* helping you find your first job or helping to advance your career
* earning credits towards a higher degree
* refining your thinking and problem solving skills
* opening new and various career options

When choosing an online associate’s degree programs, the college of your choice will assist you in making the best decision for your educational and career plans.

Don’t put off your education anymore!  You’ll soon discover what thousands of students before you have- online is better!

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