12 Alternative Therapy Treatments For Cancer

Alternative Therapy Treatments For Cancer Overview

Cancer Cures are of many forms and types but some experiments for people with cancer have shown that the use of certain medicinal herbs, food or drinks has helped to alleviate this deadly disease also considering the bonus of the cost of herbal treatment is very cheap compared to what it costs to chemotherapy for cancer tumors.

Real-Life Experiences with Alternative Therapy Treatments For Cancer

and knew that cancer cells have spread to other places on his body and that he also had a brain tumor.

Blanck underwent several surgical operations to eradicate the tumors,

but it kept coming back again and again.

Doctors expected him to live for six months at most.

During this time, Blanc took refuge in Johannes Wilkins, a physician specializing in conjunctive medicine,

who began his treatment with extracts from elm and glutinous trees.

Thomas says that after a period of this Alternative Cancer Treatments, the tumors began to disappear “along with the brain tumor disappearing as well.

Ms. Muller was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2011

And was advised by doctors to start chemotherapy immediately,

But the patient refused, and preferred to undergo treatment with Dr. Wilkins,

In which he used an alternative Cancer Treatments in the form of a mixture of thyme plants.

Muller noted that the results were very rapid.

As only after six months, cancerous tumors percentage in her body were reduced from 20 to 30 percent,

Of course, this motivated me to continue my Alternative Cancer Treatments, Muller says.

the good news for Ms. Muller was that most types of Alternative Cancer Treatments cost only few hundred dollars a year,

and she can afford them out of her own pocket.


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Forgotten Cancer studies and low-cost Treatments

The delightful thing about Alternative Cancer Treatments is that this is an effective drug on the one hand,

On the other hand, there are studies about it dating back to the seventies of the last century, In which it was possible to prove that a person who survived lung cancer was treated with elm extract and alkali. Strangely enough, all these studies have become forgotten.

Treatment methods are used at low cost,

The annual cost of treatment for these plants is about one thousand euros,

This is a very small amount compared to the costs of other treatments by chemical methods and so on,

Moreover, herbal therapy keeps the daily life of the patient as good as possible.

Not a guarantee of healing The full and complete victory of cancer is not only done by these plant treatments,

But the patient can live well with the disease.

And avoid the side effects associated with chemotherapy.

although there is no guarantee of full recovery.

12 Ancient Alternative Therapy Treatments For Cancer

1- Fenugreek

Dr. Jack Gerson, the author of Cancer Therapy, says he has seen the disappearance of cancer from two women after using a large amount of the Fenugreek,

which is because the Fenugreek contains hormonal substances.

And some types of breast cancers respond to hormones

2- Figs

Fig Containing synthesizer is known as Benzaldehyde.

Dr. Jane Carper in her book Miracle Medicine reported that Japanese researchers used this Magical Alternative Cancer Treatments to leach tumors in humans.

3- Garlic and Onion

Dr. Gerson says that the Italians, Greeks, and Yugoslavs who uses a large amount of garlic and onions in their cooking, have lower rates of cancer in their nations

This is due to the presence of Allyl Sulfide, which helps the body to remove the causes of carcinogenesis of the body prior to any major disorder. Alternative Therapy Treatments For Canc

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4- Aloe Vera

They are antibiotics, antiseptics, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

They contain amino acids and minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc,

as well as living enzymes such as amylase, Lipiz, and Lactic dehydrogenase,

as well as some fatty acids, all of these substances, helps a lot in suppresses the growth of the cancerous tumor cells.

5- Garden Cress

Or Lepidium sativum seeds as its scientific name

Of the most plants rich in iodine and this makes it easy to digest.

it also contains iron, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, and manganese, which is rich in vitamin “C”, a small proportion of vitamins “A” and “B” and carotene,

some modern studies have shown that Garden Cress contains a powerful antibacterial agent.

some other benefits of Garden Cress from ancient medicine:

  • general strengthening, aphrodisiac
  • diuretic
  • fights bloating
  • calming agent
  • reducing blood pressure
  • for sexual enhancement and dyspnea
  • asthma and evacuation of the sputum and nicotine
  • diabetes
  • tuberculosis
  • useful for many skin problems
  • cold and flu
  • for headaches

6- Ginseng

Asian ancient cultures have been using Ginseng for several centuries.

Ginseng grass is used in many forms.

It is found in the form of roots that we can either use the dry or fresh ones

Also found in the form of syrup, tea leaves or capsules.

The Ginseng crop is cultivated only every six to seven years,

This herb helps in the treatment of many diseases such as;

  • digestive disorders
  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • colds and flu
  • fatigue

and is used as Alternative cancer treatments as it improves the resistance of the body to inflammation.

7- Glutathione Peroxidase

Glutathione is present in every cell of our body,

It plays a great role in defending our body against any immune risk,

low amounts of Glutathione may increase the risk of cancer, AIDS, and chronic fatigue.

8- Beta Carotene

The liver normally converts beta-carotene to vitamin A when needed,

this makes the Beta Carotene as the alternative source of vitamin A in the liver.

Note that people with liver problems cannot turn their Beta-carotene into vitamin A,

beta-carotene stimulates T-helper cells that inhibit the formation of cancer.

A scientific study has shown that this substance protects against lung and colon cancer

and that taking 50,000 daily units of this substance prevents cancer among cigarette smokers.

9- Shark Liver Oil

Shark oil contains alkylglycerols, which have anti-cancer effects

Scientific studies have shown that a woman given this substance who had uterine cancer,

and she used to take Shark Liver Oil just before going to radiation or x-ray therapy,

and the result was that the uterine damage was greatly reduced using this technique.

11- Shark Cartilage

When cancer begins in the body it is commonly said to produce its own blood vessels.

It has been found that shark cartilage contains antibodies which are a protein that drops the growth of these new vessels,

so the small masses stand up and the immune system has the opportunity to eliminate these blocks of cancerous cells.

12- Zinc

Zinc is found naturally in the human body at large rates in the immune system,

it supports T – and B cells in the brain against viral infection or bacterial

as well as the production of antibodies and works to improve healing and reduce infection.

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