America’s Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers, With Contact Details

America’s Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers, With Contact Details

The following alternative cancer treatment centers are all in the United States.

If you are are looking for another alternative cancer center outside of the United States, Please visit our topic about Alternative Cancer Treatment Outside of the US,

or to our list of Mexican Alternative Cancer Centers,

We also have another list of  The World’s Most Technologically Advanced Cancer Treatment Centers that use a combination of alternative and conventional therapy to treat cancer.


If you have tried any of the mentioned cancer clinics, Please let us know about your experience.

Any feedback you can give us may help other cancer fighters who are trying to decide which alternative cancer treatment center to go to or which alternative cancer treatment to use.

We have arranged this list of alternative cancer treatment centers alphabetically according to the state they are located in


1- Alaska Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers 


  • Elisabeth-Anne Cole, M.D., Ph.D.,

Phone: 907-283-7740.


  • Brian Le Compte, MD,   

Phone: 907-344-7775 




2- Arizona Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • BioImmune (formerly Arnold Takemoto,


Phone: (888) 663-8844 or (480) 778-1618.



  • Integrative Health Care, PC,

 in Scottsdale AZ,


Phone:  (480) 657-0003


  • New Hope Medical Center 

8390 E. Via de Ventura, Suite F-204
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Phone (480) 556-0182
Fax (480) 556-0175


  • Dr. Michael Uzik, ND. 

Phone: 520-546-2321.


  • Dr. Joe Brown, Naturopathic Doctor, Natural Health Medical Centers 

2055 E. Southern Ave., Suite B, Tempe, Arizona

Phone: 85282, (602) 421-2613





3- California Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Alternative practitioners in Ventura County
Westlake, CA


  • Alternative Medicine Associates, 

in Santa Barbara

Phone: 805-569-8825.


  • American Biologics 

office in Chula Vista.


  • American Metabolic Institute

 office in San Diego


  • Bio-Medical Center (Hoxsey Clinic) 

615 General Ferreira, Colonia Juarez
Tijuana, B.C. Mexico.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 433654 
San Yisidro, CA 92143-3654

Tel: 011-52-664-684-90-11


  • Michael Broffman, an herbalist and acupuncturist works 

Pine Street Medical Clinic in San Anselmo, CA.

Phone: (415) 485-0484


  • Casdorph Clinic of Long Beach, Richard Casdorph, M.D.,

Long Beach,

Phone: 562-597-8716


  • Center for Well Being and Integrative Medicine Clinic 

in Westlake Village, Dr. Norman Narchi.  

Phone: 818-879-0555 or 818-879-5508




  • Daniel Beilin, O.M.D., L.Ac.,

in Aptos

Phone: 831-685-1125



  • Contreras Clinic (Oasis Hospital) 

(888) 500-4673 to arrange a phone consultation with a doctor
or 011 52 664 631 61 00 if outside the U.S.


  • Europa Institute of Integrated Medicine –  Dr. Carolyn Bormann office

Contact: Dr. Borman
The clinic is located just 500 yards south of San Diego, California on the Mexican side of the Border.
(909) 338-3533.


  • Gerson Healing Centers of America 

The Gerson Institute
1572 Second Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Tel. 619-685-5353
Toll-free: 1-888-4-GERSON


  • David Getoff, ND, 

a Naturopath and Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist in Jamal, CA.

Phone: 619-468-6846



  • Harold Manner Center 

]1 (800) 433-4962 / 1 (800) 248-8431


  • Holistic Medical Center

 Phone: 213-650-1789.


  • Holistic Resource Center

Agoura Hills, CA

Phone: 818-597-0966 or fax 818-597-8668.


  • Institute of Chronic Disease

  office in San Ysidro , and the main clinic is in Mexico.


  • International Center for Medical & Biological Research 

has an office in San Diego and main office is in Mexico.


  • Natural Healing Institute


Phone: 760-943-8485


  • Oasis Hospital 

has an office in San Ysidro, but the clinic is in Mexico. It is also called the Contreras Clinic.

(888) 500-4673 to arrange a phone consultation with a doctor


  • Richard A. Kunin, M.D. 

San Francisco

Phone: 415-346-2500.


  • Preventive Medical Center of Marin, 

is in San Rafael.  Elson M. Haas, M.D. 


Phone: 415-472-2343


  • James R. Privitera, M.D. 

Office in Covina


Phone: (626) 966-1618

Toll Free: (888) 220-7888

or toll free: 800-5-PREVENT


  • Rational Therapeutics, Robert Nagourney, M.D.

  Long Beach

Phone: 562-989-6455.



  • Robert Jay Rowen, MD

 Santa Rosa, CA. 

Phone: 707-571-7560.

Website is,



  • Sciabbarrasi, Joseph MD 

Santa Monica, CA

Phone: (310) 395-2453.


  • Simply Healing, run by Alex Strande, N.D., PhD

 in Irvine.

Phone: 949-553-1882.



  • Stella Maris Clinic 

US Contact: PO Box 435123
San Ysidro, CA 92143
800-662-1319 or 619-662-1319


  • Suzanne Skinner, Ph.D., R.N.C., N.D., D.Sc., C.H.

office in Torrance. 

Phone: (310) 518-4555.


  • Lawrence H. Taylor, M.D., 

1000 Cordova Court
Chula Vista, CA 91910
(888) 626-8067 – BioMedics Institute


  • Valley Cancer Institute 

Los Angeles is run by James Bicher, M.D. 


Phone: 310-398-0013


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4- Colorado Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Health Quarter Ministries 

 Colorado Springs, Dr. David Frahm, 


Phone: (719) 593-8694, or fax (719) 531-7884.


  • Robert C. Roundtree, M.D., 

practices at Helios Health Centre
4150 Darley Ave, Suite 1
Boulder, CO 80303
Phone: 303-499-9224



5- Connecticut Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Ron Schmid, N.D. and Ellen Triplett, C.L.S.,

clinic in Brookfield and one in Fairfield. 

Phone: (860) 945-7444




6- Florida Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Accent on Health, Sheri W. Pinsley, D.O.

Lake Worth

Phone: (407) 547-2770.


  • Center for Metabolic Disorders, E.K. Schandl, Ph.D.

 in Hollywood

 Phone: 954-929-4814



  • Dayton Medical Center, Martin Dayton, MD DO

 Sunny Isles Beach FL

Website is 

Phone: (305) 931-8484.


  • Hippocrates Health Institute

1443 Palmdale Court
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
phone: 800-842-2125 or 561-471-8876 
fax – 561-471-9464



  • Immuno-Augmentative Therapy Center

office in Fort Lauderdale, but the main clinic is in the Bahamas.


  • Lost Horizon Health Awareness Center, Roy B. Kupsinel, M.D.,

 in Oviedo, FL, 

Phone: 407-365-6681.



  • Panama City Clinic aka Akbar Clinic, Naima Abdel-Ghany, M.D.

Phone: (850) 872-8122. 



7- Illinois Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Keith Block, M.D. at the Block Medical Center

1800 Sherman Avenue, Suite 515
Evanston, Illinois 60201
Phone: 847/492-3040
Fax: 847/492-3045


  • Contemporary Medicine 

Steven G. Ayer, M.D.
322 Burr Ridge Parkway
Burr Ridge, Illinois 60521
(suburb of Chicago)

Fax: 630-321-9018


  • Natural Medicine Clinic, Dr. J. Steven Holcomb

in Naperville 

Phone: (630) 357-8662.


  • Ross A. Hauser, M.D., D.C. and Marion A. Hauser, M.S., R.D., C.N.S.D.

Oak Park, IL.

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Phone: (708) 848-7789



8- Kentucky Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • The Foxhollow Clinic of Integrated Biological Medicine 

Phone: 502-241-4304, (800) 624-7080

Fax: (502) 241-3935, 


 They are a partner with Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland.

CH-9062, Lustmühle bei St. Gallen,
Lustmühle, Switzerland
011-41-71-335-71-00 fax or
Contact Barbara Christian, U.S. patient coordinator at Marion Foundation – 508-748-0816 or\



9- Maine Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Maine Whole Health, Alan N.Weiner, DO, CCN.

Phone: – 207-828-5645 




10- Maryland Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Ahmad Shamim, M.D. 

in Laurel

Phone: 410-792-0333. 


  • Paul V. Beals, M.D.

Phone: (301) 490-9911.



11- Michigan Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers



  •  Vahagn Agbabian, D.O. 

In Pontiac,

Phone: 248-334-2424. 



12- Nevada Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Dr. Brodie

6110 Plumas Suite B
Reno, NV 89509
775- 829-1009 or Fax: 9330


  • Nevada Clinic

 in Las Vegas


Phone: 800-641-6661



13- New Jersey Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Center for Nutrition & Preventive MedicineDr. Gary Klingsberg, D.O.,

In Fort Lee

Phone: 201-585-9368.


  • Magaziner Medical Center,  Allan Magaziner, D.O., P.C

 in Cherry Hill

WSebsite is 

Tel 856-424-8222


  • Metabolic Associates

 in Florham

Phone: 201-377-7300



  • Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D.,

123 Franklin Corner Rd
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
Tel: 609-896-2646




14- New York Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Centers for Integrative and Complementary Medicine

 in New York 

Dr. Dr. Fred Pescatore has worked alongside Dr. Atkins.

Phone: 212-779-2944.


  • Foundation for Cartilage and Immunology Research 

Phone: (914)763-6195.


  • Dr. Gonzales

Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D.
36 a East 36th St, Suite 204 
New York, NY, 10016
Tel: 212-213-3337or fax—-3414


  • The Hoffman Center

 in New York

Phone: (212)779-1744



  • Institute of East-West

Tel:  212-683-1221.

Website is http://www.eastwestmed.organd

Email is


  • Revici Life Science Center, 

200 West 57th St, Suite 402,
New York, NY 10019.
Tel: 212 252-1942


  • Michael B. Schachter, M.D. 

Michael Schachter, M.D.,
Two Executive Blvd, Suite 202, 
Suffern, NY 10901
Tel: 845 368 4700
New patient services: ext. 6



  • CAM Institute for Integrative Therapies – Tutsis Center

 in Brooklyn, New York.

phone number is 718-621-0900. 



15- North Carolina Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Carolina Center for Bio-Oxidative Medicine 

is in Raleigh.

Phone: (919) 571-4391.

In Southern Pines


  •  Carolina Health Quest, Keith Johnson, M.D., ASCVD, CAD, PVD.

Phone: 910-695-0335.



16- North Dakota Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Brian E. Briggs, M.D. 

Tel 701-838-6011.



17- Ohio Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Essence Of The Spirit

 Retreat in Caldwell, Ohio


phone  (740) 783-0021.


  • Partners in Wellness 

in Cincinnati – Leonid Macheret, M.D., is the general practice doctor

Phone: 513-851-8790.


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18- Oklahoma Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Alternative Medicine New Hope Health Clinic 

Kent R. Bartell, Naturopathic D.C. 
121 South 2nd St 
Jenks, Oklahoma 74037
877- 544- HOPE (4 6 7 3)


  • William H. Philpott, M.D.

 in Midwest City

Phone: 405-390-1444.



19- Oregon Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Gateway to Health Naturopathic Clinic

 in Portland,  Thomas Lee Abshier,

Ph: 503-255-9500



  • Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Clinic

 in Portland, Rick Marinelli, N.D., M.Ac.O.M. 


Phone: (503) 644-4446


  • Dr. Paul Anderson


phone number to reach him at is 503-365-0377.


  • Tori Hudson, N.D. 

in Portland,

Phone: 503-222-2322



  • Martin Milner, N.D., 

1330 SE 39th Ave.
Portland OR 97214
Tel: (503) 232-1100



20- Pennsylvania Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Center for Preventive Medicine and Dentistry 

in Bala Cynwyd – Howard Posner, M.D., 

Phone: 610-667-2927 



  • Health Achievement Center

 in Darby

Phone: 610-461-6225.


  • Donald J. Mantell, M.D. 

in Sarver

Phone: 412-776-5610.


  •  P. Jayalakshmi, M.D. and K.R. Sampathachar, M.D.

In Cranberry Township,

 Phone: 215-473-4753




21- South Carolina Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Health Dimensions Clinics 

Phone: (803) 755-0114



22- Tennessee Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Preventive Medicine and Wellness Clinic 

in Old Hickory,

Tel: 615-541-0400




23- Texas Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Burzynski Clinic,

Stanislaw R. Burzynski, MD, PhD
9432 Old Katy Rd, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77055-6330
713-335-5697 or fax 713-335-5699




24- Vermont Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Champlain Center for Natural Medicine in Shelburne,


Tel: (802) 985-8250



25- Virginia Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Integrated Medical Center

 in Annandale

Tel: 703-941-3606

Fax at 703-658-9415.



26- Washington Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Patrick Donovan, N.D., 

University Health Clinic 
5312 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105. 
Tel: 206 525 8015


  • Northwest Natural Health Specialty Care Clinic,

Dan Labriola, N.D.
5343 Tallman Ave, NW Suite 208
Seattle, WA 98199.
Tel: 206-784-9111


  • Pacific Center for Naturopathic Medicine, Rachelle Herdman, N.D., M.D.

in Bellingham

Second location in Canada.

Phone: 360-734-0045.


  • The Paracelsus Clinic, Dr. Dorman

 in Federal Way

Website is: 

Phone: 253-529-3050.



27- Wisconsin Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


  • Waisbren Clinic,  Burton A. Waisbren, Sr., M.D.

 in Milwaukee


Phone: 414-272-1929




If you do go to any of these clinics for treatment, Kindly mention you heard about them through My Ancient Cure,

and be sure to let us know about your experience, positive or negative.

Any feedback you can offer may help others who are trying to decide which clinic to go to or which therapy to use.

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